8 Ways to Well-Being: Service


Benefits of Service in Recovery
The Twelve Steps famously say, in order to keep it, you must give it away.

This is service work…they are talking about the program first and the individual’s own recovery second. When done properly, given away for fun and for free, also as the saying goes, something magical happens—we forget about ourselves and our own problems and start to think of others. At Casa Capri Recovery we know this to be true from personal experience. We feel better when we help others and is why we have made being of service part of our curriculum.

Types of Service in Recovery
We aim to inspire our women at Casa Capri Recovery to want to be a part of the flow of life. Involvement in the community not only allows one to feel connected, but also to be a part of something meaningful and give purpose. Sparking that flame is something that is carried on and can be taken anywhere. Casa Capri Recovery is passionate and gives back to many local nonprofits and our women share in our commitment to giving back to our community—here are some examples of groups we work with regularly: Beach Sweeps, Earth Day, Costa Mesa Parks, New Directions for Women, Yellowstone Recovery, Lynn House, Casa Teresa, Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, SOS, Salvation Army and Phoenix Multisport.

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