Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Women in Orange County, CA

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Why Women Turn to These Drugs and How to Help

Our Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for women gives you options because your healing journey is unique to you.

Cutting Edge Treatment Options

We’ll do whatever it takes—with unconditional love, compassion, and respect—to give you exactly what you need to build a foundation for lasting sobriety and a meaningful, joyful life. 

Recovery is a process. 

At Casa Capri Recovery’s women-only residential addiction treatment facility, we have an expert all-female staff. Our team consists of doctors, therapists, and counselors who have designed a step-down, tiered structure of support that grows as you grow. You’ll love how this empowers women to flourish free from drugs and alcohol.

Alongside learning proper nutrition, our trained therapists will use a blend of the following modalities to create the perfect individualized program for you based on your unique and specific needs:


Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment Programs for Women at Casa Capri Recovery

When it comes to substance abuse treatment programs for women, we know you have options out there.  However, there are a rare few centers that are as devoted and committed to helping you achieve your recovery goals as we are. 


Our experienced and compassionate medical team makes every effort to give you the tools, resources, and support you deserve to revolutionize your life and thrive without the savage presence of substance abuse.  


Furthermore, our Orange County substance abuse programs are thorough and comprehensive, and they have one driving focus – you and your recovery.  Here is a rundown of some of our acclaimed substance abuse treatment programs and how each can prove to be effective in helping you live the substance-free life of your dreams.


  • Experiential Therapy: This type of therapy encourages our guests to get involved with creative and engaging activities. Some of the many activities we offer in our experiential therapy programs include music, role-playing, writing, guided imagery, play therapy, culinary classes, arts and crafts, and drama therapy.  These unconventional yet effective therapies help our residents dive into new experiences while also encouraging better ways to manage emotions.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Commonly referred to as “talk therapy,” CBT is invaluable when it comes to honestly talking about substance use, its effects on ourselves and our families, and exploring solutions.  Our exceedingly experienced therapists have facilitated impressive results in using CBT for our residents, and this is one of the most effective strategies in our substance abuse treatment programs for women.
  • Medically Assisted Therapy:  The process of detoxing can be uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening, depending upon the situation.  Moreover, withdrawal symptoms can be very intense, requiring medical assistance in order to bring relief and serenity as the body begins to release the effects of prolonged use of substances. That is why our medically assisted therapy is so valuable to our residents and a crucial step in long-term recovery.
  • Mind-Body Therapy: At Casa Capri, we understand that healing from substance use disorders takes a multi-faceted approach.  That’s why we incorporate therapeutic mind-body sessions like yoga, breathwork, sound bathing, and somatic therapies.  When you connect the mind, body, and spirit, you are far better equipped to feel harmonious and balanced, so you can experience true healing. 


These are just a few solution-focused substance abuse treatments that, after years of development, have proven highly successful in attaining long-term recovery results. Moreover, we encourage a unique “8 Ways to Wellness Through Recovery” system that meshes nature, service, spirituality, recreation, relaxation, exercise, relationships, and nutrition as a well-rounded approach to recovery. 


Our Newport Beach substance abuse programs are also infused with spiritual guidance, trauma resolution techniques, nutritional advice, and more. We even provide ongoing support with our alumni substance abuse treatment programs for women, which serves as a life-long sisterhood of support. 

What It’s Like at Casa Capri Recovery’s Treatment Program in Newport Beach, CA

Imagine a safe haven embracing you into warm, serene natural scenery in a fresh, clean environment. Now envision being welcomed by a genuinely compassionate, caring all-female team of professionals whose primary objective is to guide and support you in your journey to living the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.  That’s just a sampling of what it’s like at Casa Capri. There is no judgment, only a strong desire to uplift you and provide you with the exceptional resources you need to achieve sobriety – and keep it for the long haul.  


Our amenities are tastefully furnished and thoughtfully designed so that our residents feel a sense of immediate ease and comfort when they settle in.  Where some women’s substance abuse treatment programs may come off as rigid or clinical, Casa Capri takes a different path. We believe that nature inspires, comfort is key, and appreciating beauty is a vital part of recovery. That is why we’ve made every effort to render a positive, inviting, comfortable setting for all of our residents.

The 8 Ways to Wellbeing Curriculum

At Casa Capri Recovery, women have access to the most valuable recovery tools available anywhere—starting with our “8 Ways to Wellbeing Curriculum” where we weave the following philosophies into your personalized treatment program:


Frequently Asked Questions

You might think the ultimate goal of substance abuse programs is to help patients get sober and remain sober.  While attaining abstinence from substances is certainly the goal, there are a whole lot more moving parts to a well-crafted, intuitive treatment program.  


To elaborate, there is a less likely chance of maintaining sobriety if there is no game plan in place for when our residents get back to their daily lives. Therefore, a big goal of our treatment program is to thoughtfully construct plans and backup plans that will strengthen sobriety and help ease any potential urges to use after leaving our care.  


Another goal of treatment is to build on the assets, skills, and gifts you already have in a way that works to strengthen your recovery process.  Too often, women are unaware of their natural talents and proclivities. We work to recognize and coax out these inborn gifts within our residents so they can live a more empowered life in sobriety.


An additional key goal we work on is helping you build strength and confidence in yourself.  Overwhelmingly, addiction tends to come with feelings of shame or self-loathing.  At Casa Capri, we seek to assuage those self-defeating perceptions and help you replace them with self-affirming, positive, empowered thoughts and choices.  This is a vital goal to reach because belief in yourself is crucial to obtaining and maintaining sobriety.


Of course, your personal goals are paramount in building a personalized treatment program. We listen to your needs, and we’ll work together to formulate a plan that will tie in beautifully with the objectives you want to achieve.  

Yes. Casa Capri has the distinguished position of being an approved provider for Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, Tri-Care, The Holman Group, and Halcyon.  As such, we accept most major private insurances, which can significantly offset the cost of recovery.

There are different insurances that help with substance abuse treatment. Some may cover all the costs for treatment, while others may only cover a portion. For example, depending upon your policy, AETNA typically covers 100% of substance abuse treatment.  We also accept Blue Cross, GEHA, and NYSHIP – all of which contribute to the cost of substance abuse treatment.  You can use our quick and easy Insurance Verification feature on our website to discover what your insurance covers for treatment.  You can also call your health insurance provider to clarify what costs are covered for substance use disorder treatment.

The simple answer is yes.  By law, government-provided health insurance plans and assistance programs must cover mental health treatment, which includes substance abuse treatment.  However, some substance abuse treatment programs do not accept Medicaid.

Again, the simple answer is yes, but it depends.  Firstly, some substance rehabilitation facilities might not take Medicare.  Secondly, certain parts of Medicare cover different aspects of treatment. For instance, if you have Medicare Part A, it covers inpatient hospitalization care and rehab at approved treatment centers.  Medicare Part B covers outpatient services.  Part C covers both part A and B items, and Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs that may be required to treat a substance use disorder.

Yes.  At Casa Capri, we believe that cost should never prohibit you from getting the treatment you need and deserve.  Therefore, we’ve partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending. This is a premier lending company that provides quick, easy, confidential lending services to borrowers who need assistance in paying for substance abuse treatment.

Yes, all clients will see our psychiatrist so we can customize treatment for each individual.

Yes, places of worship are always available by request and we embrace every religion, creed, and code.

Yes, all meals are prepared by our Culinary Specialist with recipes co-created by our Registered Dietitian.

Yes, as long as it is secondary to substance abuse, we provide support from our Licensed Therapist (with a specialty in Eating Disorders) and our Registered Dietitian who supports proper nutrition.

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