What is Family Therapy?

 Substance abuse isn’t just about the user, it affects everyone who loves them. Families and loved ones are often unknowingly enabling the behavior and in some cases the dysfunction in the family dynamics can be a contributing factor in the cycle of use. Without help, families can undermine the recovery process, that’s why we believe treating our clients is only part of the equation—educating families is just as important. The guiding principle of family therapy is that “What happens to one member of the family, happens to everyone in the family.” Especially in families where addiction exist, emotions like stress and anxiety begin to spread from one person to all their relationships and the tension leads to more struggles.


During family systems therapy, the goal is each member of the family be given the chance to voice their experience and opinions in a safe setting. With help from the facilitators the family begins working together to find solution on how to relieve stress from the “identified patient” and help eliminate strain on the family. Addiction is a journey, not a destination and families will learn to help the individual better cope with her recovery and develop tools for setting, and holding, boundaries.


Family Groups at Casa Capri Recovery

At Casa Capri Recovery, we expect families to participate in our weekly workshop. Our workshop is available beyond current families. We encourage families (families include partners, spouses, parents, siblings, and adult children) to stay engaged in the group process just as your loved one will continue her own recovery journey.


Candy Finnigan, CIP, is an expert in the areas of substance use and family systems. Lead to this work from her own personal journey, she has a unique perspective and an uncanny way of delivering the truth.  She helps guide families to a better understanding of their loved one, themselves and how family dynamics plays a critical role in healing.


Candy Finnigan is an internationally recognized interventionist, author of When Enough is Enough, A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intervention, and addiction specialist. Her workshops educate families on the disease of addiction and helps them understand how to best support them while taking care of yourself.  Through sharing personal stories and examples, Mrs. Finnigan provides expert sound advice, an effective view of family roles and useful tools to help end the dysfunctional cycles. Candy is a seeker on a mission to help families heal, after all addiction is a family disease.