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Sleeping Pill Addiction Treatment & Rehab in Orange County, California for Women

The inability to sleep can cause physical and psychological symptoms, plus a great deal of frustration. Unfortunately, between 50 and 70 million U.S. adults struggle with a sleeping disorder—and most of them will use sleeping pills and other medications to get the rest they need. 


While this may seem to solve the problem, sleeping pills and benzodiazepines can lead to addiction and a resurgence of sleep problems when patients stop taking them. Because the body can build a tolerance rather quickly, patients sometimes ignore their doctor’s recommendations and increase the dosage to get the same effects. This can lead to extremely dangerous and addictive behaviors, including sleeping pill abuse.


Below, we’ll dive into the details of sleeping pill abuse and how Casa Capri can help you recover. 

Sleeping Pill Abuse Causes Health Problems

People with sleeping pill abuse problems are often trapped in a cycle that may have serious health consequences. Sleeping pill abuse can lead to a variety of health problems such as drowsiness, memory loss, peculiar dreams, irregular breathing, and impaired coordination. Those who are abusing the drugs can even experience depression, heart problems, and high blood pressure. For help with sleeping pills abuse and treatment reach out to Casa Capri Recovery.

Sleeping Pill Abuse Withdrawal

Withdrawal from these medications can be both physically and emotionally taxing. Common symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, tremors, sweating, and in severe cases, seizures. These symptoms can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that they are a normal part of the recovery process. At Casa Capri, we provide a safe and supportive environment to manage these withdrawal symptoms effectively.

What Does Sleeping Pill Rehab Entail?

Rehabilitation for sleeping pill addiction is a specialized treatment program aimed at helping individuals overcome their dependence on sleeping pills. At Casa Capri Recovery, our approach includes a combination of medical detoxification, therapy, and holistic treatments. This comprehensive care is designed to address not just the physical aspects of addiction, but also the underlying emotional and psychological factors.

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Programs at Casa Capri Recovery

Sleeping Pill Rehab Programs at Casa Capri Recovery

Since 2011, Casa Capri Recovery has been restoring lives and healing families. We provide comfortable and nurturing residential treatment for women using a comprehensive evidence-based curriculum. Here, clients are surrounded by a supportive community of peers and professionals. Our treatment plans include detox, individual therapy, group sessions, and holistic approaches like yoga and meditation, all aimed at fostering recovery and personal growth. Our team is composed of a passionate group of skilled experts who have come together for one purpose—to help other women heal.

Why Consider Orange County for Sleeping Pills Rehab?

With its serene environment and pleasant climate, Orange County provides a tranquil backdrop that is conducive to healing and reflection. At Casa Capri Recovery, located in the heart of Orange County, we leverage this serene environment to enhance our treatment programs, offering a peaceful retreat where women can focus on their recovery away from the stressors of daily life.

Benefits of a Women-Only Rehab for Sleeping Pills Addiction

A women-only rehab environment, like that at Casa Capri Recovery, creates a safe space where women can openly share their experiences and challenges without fear of judgment. This setting fosters mutual support and understanding, and also allows for the addressing of gender-specific issues related to addiction, such as hormonal influences, trauma, and societal pressures.

Insurance and Payment Options

Casa Capri Recovery understands the financial constraints that often come with drug rehab treatment We accept a wide range of insurance plans and offer flexible payment options. Our dedicated team is always ready to help navigate financial concerns to make sure that cost is not a barrier to recovery.

Addressing Specific Women's Issues in Sleeping Pills Rehab in Orange County

We’re keenly aware of the specific issues women face in their battle with sleeping pill addiction. We address challenges like balancing family and personal life, dealing with trauma or abuse, and managing mental health issues that are often intertwined with addiction. By focusing on these areas, we ensure a more holistic and effective recovery journey for our clients.

Begin The Journey to Recovery With Sleeping Pills Rehab in Orange County

Taking the first step towards recovery can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to our admissions team at Casa Capri Recovery for more information. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process, from understanding our program to joining our supportive community in Orange County. Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts with a single call.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rehab for Sleeping Pills

Reach out to our compassionate admissions team. We’re ready to guide you through the process of enrolling in our specialized women’s rehab program for sleeping pill addiction.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored for women, including medical detox, individual and group therapy, holistic treatments, and personalized care plans focused on the unique aspects of sleeping pill addiction.

Absolutely. Our program is specifically crafted to address the unique needs of women, providing a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healing and personal growth.

Treatment duration varies based on individual needs, typically ranging from 30 to 90 days. We assess each woman’s situation to determine the most effective treatment length for her.

The cost varies depending on the specific treatment plan and duration. We provide a detailed cost breakdown upon assessment, including insurance coverage. 

Yes, we accept many major insurance plans. Our admissions team can assist you in understanding your coverage and maximizing your benefits for treatment.

Our team includes licensed therapists, medical professionals, and addiction specialists, all experienced and dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.

Family involvement is encouraged, as it can be an essential component of the recovery process. We offer family therapy and education programs to support both clients and their families.

Yes, we offer specialized therapy sessions and support groups that cater to the specific needs of women, focusing on areas like trauma, self-esteem, and relationship dynamics.

Our admissions process includes a comprehensive assessment to determine if our program is the right fit for you or your loved one. We take into account the nature of the addiction, personal circumstances, and medical history.

Our admissions process is compassionate and straightforward, starting with an initial inquiry, followed by an assessment, insurance verification, and coordination of your arrival at our facility.

High levels of privacy and confidentiality are paramount in our program. We ensure discretion throughout your treatment journey.

We offer extensive aftercare planning and follow-up services to support our clients in maintaining their sobriety and continuing their recovery journey after program completion.

Our treatment integrates holistic and alternative therapies, such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy, to support overall well-being.

Yes. We provide dual diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring disorders, addressing both addiction and any underlying mental health issues.

Our detoxification process is medically supervised and tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring safety and comfort.

For more information, please reach out to our admissions team. They’re here to answer all your questions and provide the information you need.

Yes. Our facility offers specialized amenities and accommodations designed for women, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment conducive to recovery and healing.

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