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Women’s Residential Treatment Center in Orange County, CA

There is a lot to our residential treatment for women and it’s all designed for complete recovery and a lifetime of fulfillment. Here are just some highlights of our treatment program.

Once your body is free of chemicals after completing our Detox Program, you’ll move to our Accredited, Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Program. This is where the transformation really takes root in the hearts of our women. 

At Casa Capri Recovery’s residential inpatient treatment program in Newport Beach, California, your addiction treatment is personalized to be as unique as you.

What Is Residential Treatment for Women?

Residential treatment for women affords the most intense, specialized, and comprehensive care. This type of treatment involves 24-hour inpatient care, and patients live within our welcoming Newport Beach residential treatment center.  With live-in healthcare treatment, our residents receive personalized, round-the-clock attention with a deep focus on whole-being wellness and long-term recovery from substance abuse and secondary mental health issues. 

What Are the Benefits of Residential Treatment For Women?

Our residential treatment facility for women provides a unique experience for our residents. It is beneficial because it allows residents a safe place to assess, address, and heal from substance use without the stressors of daily life that often trigger the temptation to use.  Residents experience all the support they need in a structured yet comforting environment while learning critical skills to manage addiction to drugs or alcohol, so they are empowered to live life to the fullest in long-term recovery.

Do Residential Treatment Centers For Substance Abuse Work?

In a word, yes.  At this Newport Beach residential treatment center, we understand that getting inpatient treatment is a big commitment.  We support that commitment by providing you with the resources you need to attain a rich, rewarding life without the punishing effects of substance use.


Our Orange County residential treatment facilities work because you’re  provided with the opportunity to focus wholly on yourself  and your recovery.  This is something that cannot easily be attained in outpatient treatment.  Our inpatient treatment also enjoys a more successful long-term recovery rate because of the intensity of the program, our 24-hour support, and our one-on-one treatment that is tailored to your needs during your stay.

The Need for Gender-Specific Residential Treatment

Drug and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders affect both genders, but they often manifest differently in men and women. This is primarily due to the unique biological, societal, and psychological challenges each gender faces. Women, in particular, encounter challenges like hormonal fluctuations, societal expectations, past traumas, and the intricacies of motherhood, all of which can impact their addiction and mental health issues. Recognizing these specific needs, Casa Capri offers all-female residential treatment programs in Orange County that provide a nurturing environment tailored specifically for women. By understanding the nuances of women’s experiences with addiction and recovery, we focus on addressing the underlying issues that women uniquely face. Such a specialized approach ensures that women receive the comprehensive care and support they need, bolstering their chances for a successful and long-term recovery.

Residential Treatment for Women

We understand the challenges women face as they recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Our personalized Residential Treatment for Women and Addiction Programs are designed to give you the tools, skills and support as you begin to uncover some root causes of painful core issues that have caused struggle and begin to make sense of why you used substances and other compulsive behaviors in the first place.

Together we’ll create a customized plan that delivers a combination of therapies and skills—combined with our loving, vibrant community of sober sisters—that will allow you to blossom and begin to build a joyful, meaningful life in recovery.

When you’ve fully healed your deepest layers, you’ll find the true happiness and a lasting sobriety that you deserve.


Addiction is but a symptom of deep pain—a way to self-medicate and cope with underlying emotional wounds and behavioral patterns. In order to heal addiction, we’ll help you heal the root causes of your addiction.


No matter what the struggle, whether co-occurring mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, love addiction or a combination of these that often accompany women with addiction—we can help begin to uncover them.

Orange County: An Ideal Setting for Recovery

At Casa Capri, we deeply believe in the therapeutic power of nature, particularly the ocean. 


Our serene coastal location in Newport Beach, California provides our inpatient residents with an opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. The ocean reminds our women of the endless possibilities that lie ahead, while its constancy offers a sense of stability often missing in their lives. 


Immersed in the  calming setting of Southern California, our residents are better equipped to confront their challenges, engage deeply in their therapy, and embrace the holistic healing treatments we offer. Nature has an innate ability to heal, and at our Orange County residential treatment facility, you can leverage its therapeutic presence.

Why Choose Casa Capri Recovery for Women’s Residential Treatment?

Casa Capri Recovery offers a specialized treatment tailored for women that emphasizes holistic healing and individualized care. Recognizing that each woman has a unique journey and challenges, our approach is designed to address not just addiction, but also associated issues like trauma, eating disorders, and other co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression. In a supportive environment fostered by an all-female staff, we ensure that recovery becomes a path to success rather than a burden. Our seasoned team employs a range of advanced modalities including CBT, trauma resolution, psychiatry, experiential therapy, family systems, culinary arts classes led by a licensed nutritionist, fitness programs, DBT, breathwork & body movement, and more to craft a program that best meets your unique needs and promotes a fulfilling sober life, long-term.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter at Our Residential Treatment for Women

At Casa Capri Recovery, women have access to the most valuable recovery tools available anywhere—starting with our “8 Ways to Wellbeing Curriculum” where we weave the following philosophies into your personalized treatment program:

Find Your Perfect, Healing Combination of Custom Treatment for Addiction and a Sisterhood of Support

Together with our professional, all-female staff of doctors, psychologists, therapists, counselors and support staff, we’ll design a personalized addiction treatment program tailor-made for your healing and growth. With many different and distinctive therapeutic treatment offerings we will create a unique mix to maximize healing and give you the best possible chance at recovery.

At Casa Capri Recovery, our residential treatment for women and addiction programs give you options because your healing journey is unique to you. Check out our full list of cutting-edge, evidence based practices we utilize as treatment options for our women in recovery programs at Casa Capri:

Aftercare Plans: What Will I Do After Casa Capri Recovery?

Casa Capri Recovery will help you or your loved one find the right support as you transition from our facility and continue on your beautiful new path of recovery. Transitional support is always recommended and will be part of the treatment plan. Clients and families will be well educated on the fact that addiction does not end once treatment is over, and that recovery is continuous. A woman’s success story often mirrors how well she follows her aftercare plan. The Clinical Team at Casa Capri Recovery will create every client’s aftercare plan with her exact unique situation in mind.
Why Choose Southern California for Anorexia Treatment?

The life you’ve always dreamed of is possible, start today at Casa Capri Recovery's Residential Treatment for Women - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers


Get Help Today at Casa Capri Recovery

If you’re a woman seeking treatment for substance misuse or mental health issues in Southern California, Casa Capri is your answer. You don’t have to do this alone. Reach out to our welcoming admissions team today, and we’ll walk you through insurance questions, logistics, and next steps. You deserve a life beyond your wildest dreams, and Casa Capri is here to get you there. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Residential Treatment

The length of your stay in our Newport Beach residential treatment center will depend upon several factors.  The type of substance, duration of use, and your personal needs will all add to the equation of residential stay duration. You should also know that there are various phases in residential treatment, such as assessment and  medical detox.  Our substance abuse residential treatment programs provide you with the support you need in variable timeframes. We offer 30, 60, and 90-day residential treatment services, as well as provide ongoing therapy. 

Not all centers for residential treatment for women are created equally. Some facilities can have a clinical feel while our campus is focused on your comfort while providing you the world-class care you deserve.  You can expect to be enfolded in an inviting, safe environment with supportive medical staff during your stay. You can also expect round-the-clock care and attention so that you always have the proper therapy and treatment you need to galvanize sustainable recovery for the long-term.  You can also anticipate making life-long friendships with other women who are struggling with the same substance use-related challenges you are.  While not all residential treatment facilities are the same, at Casa Capri, our compassionate staff makes every effort to provide you with the comfort, care, and foundation required so that you can live the life of your dreams.

In addition to drug and alcohol recovery, Casa Capri’s expert staff can help you to overcome secondary mental health issues as well that often play a direct role in your addiction with dual diagnosis (co-occurring symptom) treatment.


Mental health treatments are available for the following issues in our inpatient programs:

At our Newport beach residential inpatient setting, we try to anticipate your every need, but there are certain items we encourage our residents to bring during their stay. While all furnishing, bedding, blankets, and towels are already provided – you’ll want to bring comfortable clothing, sleepwear, undergarments, shoes, basic hygiene products, and alcohol-free toiletry items.  We recommend you limit items to one suitcase, packing just the essentials and 7-10 days of clothing (we have laundry facilities).  You should also bring your photo ID, insurance card, a credit card for payment, and a list of contacts, such as family members or your physician, with their contact information.

The going average for Orange County residential treatment ranges anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars per day.  While this may sound like a lot, it’s important to consider that residential treatment centers must pay for living quarters, residential maintenance, residents’ meals, and other costs to provide proper amenities to their residents.  With that said, our residential treatment center accepts most health insurance plans, which can significantly offset the expense of treatment.  Additionally, we provide financing options that can help with paying for treatment.

Yes. At Casa Capri, we accept most private major  insurance providers, which can cover most of the costs associated with residential treatment. We are also approved by Anthem Blue Cross, Halcyon, Holman Group, and Tri-Care providers, which expands health insurance payment options for our residents.  We believe that cost should never deny women the proper care and treatment they deserve. That’s why we will verify your insurance for you and give you options so that you can get the treatment you need to live a full, satisfying life.

Medicaid can cover residential treatment, but it depends upon the type of treatment, and it depends upon whether or not the treatment center accepts Medicaid. In fact, all government-provided insurance and healthcare marketplaces are required to provide coverage for mental health services, and substance use disorder falls under that category.  However, not all addiction treatment centers accept Medicaid, so please check first.

Yes, those that live in or near Los Angeles can enjoy a change of scenery close to home and their friends and family at our Newport Beach residential treatment center. It is only 45 miles south of Downtown L.A., meaning you won’t have to travel far and can enjoy the beautiful nature and temperate climate you’re used to.

Dual diagnosis treatment center near Los Angeles in Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Casa Capri Recovery is just 85 miles north of San Diego (about an hour and a half drive.)


Our Orange County, CA facility is  close enough to San Diego to remain close to your loved ones while still getting you away from your triggers for a holistic recovery experience.

Dual diagnosis treatment center near San Diego in Orange County, California