Anxiety & Panic Disorder Treatment for Women

Create a Calm and Contented Life Without Abusing Drugs and Alcohol
Anxiety and Panic Disorders are the most common—and the most treatable—co-occurring conditions that women face on their road to recovery. Anxiety and panic disorders can be debilitating. The feelings of fear can be overwhelming and the dread that accompanies anxiety can make life a frightening place to exist.

If you or a loved one struggles with anxiety, drugs or alcohol may be what is used to self-medicate. At some point you may lose control and the cycle of addiction begins adding to your fears—yet you can’t seem to stop.

Casa Capri Recovery understands anxiety and panic disorders and how they can lead to addictions. Our counselors can help stop the cycle. Our accredited programs offer women a path to a life free of anxiety and addiction—one that is full of hope, peace, and happiness.

Our rehab center for women at Casa Capri Recovery will give you a lifeline for dealing with the added anxiety that accompanies addiction. Our expert, all-female staff and safe, nurturing environment is here to support you as you heal from both addiction and anxiety.

Treating Addiction with a  Underlying Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Anxiety and substance abuse make the ultimate vicious cycle. People tend to self-medicate or use drugs and alcohol to minimize the symptoms of their condition. However, this relief is temporary at best and leads to long-term damage. Drug abuse hinders the brain’s capacity to fight fear without the help of external stimuli.

How We Do It

Our therapies and Holistic Programs for Anxiety and Panic Disorder are cutting edge. Casa Capri Recovery’s passionate therapists and counselors, combined with our one-of-a-kind addiction treatment programs, are what sets us apart from other treatment centers. Whether you’re staying in our drug rehab or alcohol rehab, we utilize the widest variety of treatment modalities around.

Our customizable programs will be tailored made for you using the most current effective methods. Whatever tools you need, you can be assured the staff at Casa Capri Recovery will deliver them.

We promise to do anything and everything to help you heal and give you the very best chance at lasting recovery. It’s time to get help for substance abuse and end your anxiety for good.

Therapy can help manage anxiety and panic disorder when combined with substance abuse.

Psychotherapy has been an active tool for fighting panic disorders for decades. Negative emotions usually drive people with anxiety disorders making them react aggressively to unpleasant situations. Our highly skilled clinicians will be able to detect what type of anxiety disorder the client has and how to help her best.

Here are some of the most effective forms of psychotherapy that we use at Casa Capri Recovery:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This type of therapy has two components. The cognitive part helps patients understand how their thoughts feed anxiety symptoms and then what they need to do to alleviate these signs. The behavioral part teaches patients how to behave in anxiety-inducing activities and situations and that their feared outcomes do not happen. Following the same patterns, CBT can help addicts by showing them what destructive thoughts and behaviors they have and how to escape them.

Motivational Interviewing – This therapy technique uses structured conversations to support addicts in their attempt to rehabilitate. Through such an interview, people may see, for instance, what their current situation is and where they want to get in the future.

Contingency Management – Addiction counselors may use this method by giving incentives for new behaviors.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

Although their occurrence and intensity may vary from one person to another, these are the general symptoms of anxiety disorders:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Panic
  • Incessant worrying
  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Tense muscles
  • Cold and sweaty extremities
  • Restlessness

Some of these symptoms may be triggered by other conditions and diseases, too. Our Medical and Clinical teams will need to rule them out before giving an anxiety diagnosis. Also, some medications may cause anxiety, but the effects disappear as soon as the client stops taking it.


Casa Capri Recovery

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