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Women-Only Residential Addiction Treatment

At Casa Capri Recovery‘s women-only residential addiction treatment facility, we have an expert all-female staff consisting of doctors, therapists, and counselors that will design a step-down, tiered structure of support that grows as you grow. We know that recovery is a process and not a one time event. You’ll love how this empowers women to flourish free from drugs and alcohol.


You’ll find our distinctive treatment modalities create a rich, well-rounded experience designed to meet your needs, values, and goals. Our step-down continuum of care—from our detox center to post-treatment support—will empower you to cultivate personal responsibility, learn healthy new behaviors, and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. Our women learn healthy nutrition and eating to help establish new behaviors with our nutrition and wellness opportunities. We offer recipes, nutrition facts, meal planning and how to use healthy foods to fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

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We’ll do whatever it takes—with unconditional love, compassion, and respect—to give you exactly what you need to build a foundation for lasting sobriety and a meaningful, joyful life.

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Recovery is a Process: The “Road to Recovery”

The very first step on your road to recovery at Casa Capri Recovery starts with a phone call. Our caring and experienced intake team will assess whether or not you’ll require a stay at our inpatient treatment center, and, depending on your addiction type, you may need medical supervision as you transition from addictive substances. Our alcohol and drug detox center is the highest level of support in our comprehensive continuum of care. Your safety during this phase of your treatment is our top priority and we’ll make sure you get through this critical step as comfortable as possible. Once your body is free of chemicals, you’ll be ready to begin our accredited drug or alcohol rehab inpatient treatment program.
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Our detox feels warm and welcoming; just like home. You’ll be under the care of a doctor for the duration of your stay and be supported and nurtured while you detoxify your body.

Recovery is a Process: Residential Treatment Program

At Casa Capri Recovery, we’ve designed a unique residential inpatient treatment program specifically for women. Our mission is founded on wholehearted healing with a personalized approach that restores health, happiness, and purposeful living to women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We understand how recovery for women can affect everyone differently and recognize that each woman who walks through our door has her own unique story, needs, values, and goals.


Casa Capri Recovery customizes our addiction treatment programs to meet your needs and support your recovery journey. So recovery is a process doesn’t have to become a burden but a clear path to success. Our all-female staff and nurturing environment create a safe and empowering space that cultivates deep healing—not only of addictive behaviors, but also trauma, eating disorders, multiple addiction types, and commonly co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression that often accompany women suffering from addiction.




Casa Capri Recovery has the experience and tools to help you work through the recovery process and find a joyful new way of life in sobriety. Our trained staff will create a personalized program designed especially for your unique needs using the following cutting-edge modalities Casa Capri Recovery




Our mission is founded on wholehearted healing with a personalized approach that restores health, happiness, and purposeful living to women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Addiction Treatment

What’s the typical age range of addiction treatment clients?

We are a women’s program, women must be 18 years or older to be a client at Casa Capri Recovery.


Casa Capri Recovery

Our program offers the highest quality care for women struggling with addiction and co-occurring conditions in Southern California.

We are fully licensed by the State of California and our treatment center is accredited by The Joint Commission – the standard of excellence in quality programs.


Casa Capri Recovery is proud to be an approved Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, Tri-Care, The Holman Group, and Halcyon Provider.


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If you or a loved one has a substance addiction, please give us a call today at 949-535-4998. It’s time to heal your heart and find true happiness. Our admissions team is always available to talk and answer any questions you may have about our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs at Casa Capri Recovery for women.