8 Ways to Well-Being: Relationships


There are different types of relationships, but all are about creating and maintaining connection and bonds between people.


At Casa Capri Recovery we know that when one member of the group—whether it is a family member or a friend circle—goes into recovery, everything changes. The dynamic must shift in order for new healthy behaviors to take root. While this isn’t always easy, we’re here every step of the way as you and your loved ones navigate this new territory.

Making the decision to come to Casa Capri Recovery for women is about new beginnings and working on healthy existing relationships and creating new friendships. Learning new tools and new ways of communicating will be key in recreating trust as you navigate your new, redefined relationships. Developing new friendships and bonds with women is unlike any experience most women have had prior to entering treatment. It can be beautiful, powerful, and will open the door for allowing new fellowships of women into your circle as you move through the stages of recovery.


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