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Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, California for Women

What is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program designed to help individuals overcome their dependence on alcohol. At its core, the goal of alcohol rehab is to provide individuals with the medical, psychological, and emotional support they need to achieve long-term sobriety. This journey often involves detox, therapy, counseling, and aftercare, all aimed at addressing not just the physical addiction, but also the root causes and triggers of alcoholism.

What are Key Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a devastating condition in which a person becomes mentally and physically dependent on alcohol. Sadly, the symptoms of substance addiction tend to manifest even more quickly in women than in the opposite sex. As the disease progresses, it interferes with responsibilities as wives, mothers, daughters, and friends. Most importantly, it interferes with a woman’s relationship with herself. 


How Does Alcohol Abuse Affect the Individual & Their Families? 

The emotional and psychological impact of alcoholism on an individual—and on their loved ones—can be brutal. In addition to the shame and guilt that often come with the disease, physical complications associated with alcohol abuse can cause permanent damage to internal organs and other biological systems. Women struggling with addiction to alcohol may also be experiencing co-occurring conditions (also known as dual diagnosis) such as unprocessed trauma, codependency, and relational & attachment disorders.


Ultimately, people who are addicted to alcohol are robbed of their basic coping skills, and often require a rehab that treats alcoholics to make a lasting change. 

Why Choose an Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, California?

Newport Beach & Orange County’s Premier Treatment Centers

Orange County (OC), California is the optimal location to start your recovery journey, in part because of its flourishing recovery community. It’s home to some of the country’s premier rehab facilities that offer state-of-the-art inpatient treatments for alcohol abuse recovery with the support of seasoned rehabilitation experts. Additionally, we have a robust 12-step community that many of  our alumni  find invaluable during their post-treatment phase.


Recover from Alcohol from the Serene Environment of Newport Beach

A major bonus: the undeniable natural beauty of Orange County. With its gorgeous beaches and picturesque mountains, Newport Beach’s tranquil environment complements the healing process during alcohol abuse recovery treatment.


Get Away From Home for Alcohol Recovery in Southern California

Lastly, seeking rehab in Orange County can be a strategic move. Being away from familiar surroundings minimizes potential distractions and stimuli linked to past habits, which can lead to a more focused and successful recovery. 


If you’re from near the Los Angeles & San Diego area, you can get a change of scenery not too far from home for your inpatient alcohol rehab. If you’re from northern California or out of state, you can choose a part of the country with a calming environment and consistently mild climate to recover from your alcohol addiction.

This Newport Beach Alcohol Rehab Center for Women Offers Tailored Recovery Programs

The professional team of women at Casa Capri Recovery’s Orange County alcohol treatment center  understand the journey through and out of alcohol addiction.

Our alcohol center for women’s all- female treatment team  are experts in alcohol rehab and guiding women to a new way of living by offering the skills and experiences needed to heal body, mind, and spirit.  We deliver a comprehensive, therapeutic, structured, and personalized alcohol rehab program.Our Residential Treatment for Women  is designed to give you the tools necessary to shift negative patterns, foster meaningful relationships, reach your goals, and find lasting freedom from alcohol addiction.

Casa Capri Recovery will assess every woman upon arrival to determine how advanced their illness has progressed and what services and program level is right for her. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and can even be fatal.  Women should never attempt to detox themselves without professional oversight of a quality alcohol rehab program. Casa Capri Recovery makes every effort to ensure your comfort and safety and offers you the possibility of a life full of joy, purpose, and love.

“Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Addiction is characterized by the inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one's behavior and interpersonal relationships and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery, addiction is progressive and can result in permanent impairment, disability or death.”

Definition of Addiction as defined by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) 2011

Benefits of a Women-Only Alcohol Rehab

Binge drinking, problem drinking, and alcohol abuse are on the rise among women. Unfortunately, so are the detrimental physical and mental health effects of alcohol addiction.


While both men and women can develop alcohol use disorder, the condition affects women in different ways. One reason for this is that women metabolize alcohol differently than men. As a result, they can develop alcohol dependence in a shorter time frame. Further, women often show symptoms of alcohol-related diseases after drinking comparatively smaller amounts of alcohol.  This can make it more difficult for women to recognize the signs of alcohol addiction and seek out treatment.


The Casa Capri Recovery women-only alcohol rehab program was established to provide treatment services tailored to women’s gender-specific needs from the comfort of the southern California coastline. Our programs address both the physical effects of alcohol abuse and the psychological conditions that contribute to addiction.

Accepting Various Insurance Plans & Options

Don’t let finances stand in the way of your long-term recovery. At Casa Capri, we understand that many clients have financial concerns about getting alcohol abuse treatment. To make the process easier, we’ve partnered with various major insurance providers, ensuring that our top-tier alcohol rehab center remains accessible to all who seek it.

Addressing Specific Women's Issues in Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

Work. Motherhood. Relationships. Financial concerns. Caring for others. These are just a few potential stressors women face every day. In many instances, alcohol serves as a relief or escape. At our alcohol rehab in Newport Beach, CA, we offer specialized treatment that’s thoughtfully crafted for women and their concerns.


Below are common co-occuring mental health treatment support types that women need help with alongside alcohol abuse:

Rehab Programs at Casa Capri Recovery


Many women who struggle with addiction have often undergone some form of trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse. At Casa Capri, we understand traumatic experiences can contribute to a woman’s relationships with alcohol, and we know that trauma needs to be addressed during the rehab process.

Eating Disorders

It is not uncommon for women with addiction issues to also suffer from conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, etc. At the best alcohol rehab in Orange County for women, we help our clients understand and heal from the addiction and any underlying, co-occurring mental health issues.

Parenting or Pregnancy

Many women who enter alcohol rehab may have parenting responsibilities or might even be pregnant at the time they are seeking rehab. This requires special attention and support to ensure they receive appropriate care while also addressing their parental and maternal roles.

Body Image

Body image and self-esteem are often significant concerns for women struggling with addiction. We are fully aware that the pressure society puts on women regarding appearance can contribute to low self-worth and fuel addictive behaviors. Our alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, includes therapeutic interventions aimed at helping our clients build positive body image and improve self-esteem.



Relationships also play a critical role in a woman’s life, so addressing relationship issues is vital during alcohol rehabilitation. This includes examining unhealthy patterns of codependency or enabling behavior that may exist within family dynamics or intimate partnerships.

With laser focus and highly compassionate care, Casa Capri addresses these and other women’s issues with clients attending our alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA.  Contact us today, and let us provide you with the support and resources needed to guide you on your journey to lasting recovery.

Begin The Journey to Long-Lasting Recovery With Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

Our admissions team is trained to make this journey as easy as possible so you can get the help you need. You’ll be amazed at the transformation that can happen with the right care and addiction treatment support. Call us today and begin the process.


Rehab for Alcoholism: FAQs

At Casa Capri, we offer various treatment options for effective substance abuse treatment within an inpatient rehabilitation setting:

Addiction treatment program durations at our Newport Beach alcohol rehab center can vary based on individual needs, but typically, they range from 30 to 90 days. 


Some patients may benefit from extended programs or transitional living arrangements post-rehab for effective long-term substance abuse recovery.

Yes, many centers offer tailored programs such as:

  • Programs for young adults
  • Women’s or men’s specific programs
  • Programs catering to veterans
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive programs

Casa Capri is a women’s-only facility. Our addiction specialists  focus on the unique challenges that arise for women with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health disorders.

The cost for alcohol rehab in Orange County can vary greatly depending on the facility, severity of addiction, length of stay, and type of treatment. Feel free to reach out to us for specific pricing, and to verify your insurance coverage.

Yes, many centers believe in the power of family support during the recovery journey. At Casa Capri, family therapy sessions and educational programs are incorporated into alcohol abuse treatment, in order to involve loved ones in the healing process.

Aftercare is an essential phase of the recovery journey. We offer robust aftercare programs, including ongoing treatment methods counseling, support groups, and resources to ensure sustained sobriety.

Yes, our treatments include alternative therapies like fitness, nutrition, breathwork and body movement, sound baths, and equine therapy, among others.

Absolutely. Orange County has several sober living and transitional homes that act as a bridge between rehab and a return to everyday life, ensuring that individuals continue to stay on the path of recovery.

Privacy is a top priority at Casa Capri. We ensure confidentiality through discreet admissions processes and strict adherence to HIPAA regulations.

If you live in or near L.A., you may want something close to home while getting a change of scenery away from your triggers. Fortunately, this Orange County alcohol rehab is just 40 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, giving you direct access to an alcohol treatment center for women in the serene Newport Beach facility.

Dual diagnosis treatment center near Los Angeles in Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Casa Capri Recovery has women’s recovery from alcohol addiction in mind with customized treatment plans and inpatient living 85 miles north of San Diego. Take a break from San Diego while recovering from alcohol in a similar, temperate climate just an hour and a half away from your family and friends.

Dual diagnosis treatment center near San Diego in Orange County, California


Casa Capri Recovery

Our program offers the highest quality care for women struggling with addiction and co-occurring conditions in Southern California.

We are fully licensed by the State of California and our treatment center is accredited by The Joint Commission – the standard of excellence in quality programs.


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