How to Let Pain Serve Its Purpose and Not Rush the Healing

Woman sitting on a white bed in pain

Most people don’t want to hear that pain is purposeful. Pain is just irritating, draining, exhausting, and not fun to experience. However, it is part of everyone’s human experience to have pain. This might be emotional, spiritual, physical, or all of the above. Some people experience a lot of it in life while others experience … Read more

Why Single Ladies Need Time to Heal During the First Year of Recovery

Single Ladies need to heal

Moving through recovery is challenging when it comes to figuring out how to navigate romantic relationships. Some people say you must avoid dating, others say dating is okay with some boundaries. That first year is the toughest phase of your recovery. Newly sober people who struggle with alcoholism and addiction are better off thinking about … Read more

Putting Family First in Recovery

Family First in Recovery

Starting over in recovery requires putting some things on the back burner and putting others at the front of the line. This second chance at a new start means figuring out what is a priority right now. Things shift throughout your recovery, but many people find putting family first is vital to healing. Involving loved … Read more