Putting Family First in Recovery

Starting over in recovery requires putting some things on the back burner and putting others at the front of the line. This second chance at a new start means figuring out what is a priority right now. Things shift throughout your recovery, but many people find putting family first is vital to healing. Involving loved ones in treatment is an integral part of the process. Although it may take time and be difficult at first, it is worth going on the journey with the family. Find out what it means to put family first in recovery and how to navigate this challenging time.


Working with Family

Even though the family may be a top priority for someone with an addiction, it can be hard to move in the same direction in recovery. Trust has to be rebuilt within the family structure. Lack of support can also take many forms, depending on the family. It may be hard to forgive someone with addiction right away. Over time, with lots of work, there can be trust regained. Encouragement helps people in recovery, but it may take time to repair because of the damage done. Don’t push the family before they are ready to forgive or accept that recovery has happened.


Find Help

An essential step in recovery is looking for others to share the journey with. Family is not just the immediate family, but other support people like friends and loved ones who can act like family for the trip. By building support, it helps create a network of people to fall back on. Local meetings like AA, NA, and sober support groups help you meet people who have successfully gone through rehab and have been in recovery for a long time. Family is often those that are chosen by people who cannot bring their immediate family together or struggle to stay connected to their family of origin.


Recovery First

When putting family first, it requires putting recovery first. To honor the family means ensuring that sobriety and staying clean are the top of the list every day. Don’t compromise recovery for families who do not understand. It may be best to keep a safe distance from relatives who are willing to put your recovery at risk by introducing things that are not healthy. Family first means self first, then partner and children after, along with other immediate family. Make sure recovery is a top priority, then keep close family an essential part of that journey.


Include Family in Recovery

There are many ways to include family in recovery. One of them is to go to therapy together. Make sure they come to family therapy as part of the process of learning how to navigate this new journey together, look at the old habits and patterns, and return to a healing place. Family first means working together as a unit to recalibrate for a sober, healthy lifestyle. This includes children, also. Going to addiction rehab is only one step of the process. The family may wish to go to support groups for loved ones of those with addiction as a separate space to get support for the journey. Those who have been hurt may need time to heal and forgive. Education is essential, but so is support.


Find Positive Influences

Watch out for negative influences that may be occurring around a person in recovery. Those can be triggered by family or environment and even friends who mean well but don’t understand sobriety. By choosing positive energy and people, it will bring hope and healing to the journey of recovery. Real change begins with understanding the balance between all the priorities in your life. Maybe going traveling right now is not the best idea if your recovery is wobbly. Find positive mentors to assist on the journey. Find sober companions who understand and can speak life into the experience of healing. Family can be harmful if they are not willing to let go of who a person was in addiction. Don’t allow that to compromise your recovery. Find healthy music, people, activities, and work to sustain lasting change.


Finding Hope

Recovery is hard work, and so is keeping your family together. It is difficult to travel together with family after addiction has torn so many people’s lives apart. It is essential to honor the journey they have been on, also. Don’t expect change to happen overnight. Don’t expect people to feel good about moving forward with all the hard feelings that may exist. Hope comes from knowing there is real, lasting change on the horizon for all involved. It takes time, but real hope and change can come from moving forward together as a family. Family is vital to the process as long as they are all willing to work together. Recovery is for everyone, not just the person with the addiction. Healing can come from the hope of a better future with family working together towards a common goal.


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