Why Older Women Are Struggling to Curb Their Drinking Habits and How to Seek Help

Why Older Women Are Struggling to Curb Their Drinking Habits and How to Seek Help

Alcohol or other substance use disorders don’t always begin during one’s teen years. Sometimes women use substances early on in life but do not develop an addiction or dependence. Later in life, they may begin to use them to deal with stress, anxiety, mental health issues, physical pain, or other concerns in their lives. For … Read more

Why the Art of Mindfulness Is Different for Women in Recovery

Why the Art of Mindfulness Is Different for Women in Recovery

The power of meditation is available to everyone. Women, especially, experience its unique benefits while in recovery from addiction. From daily habits to space for self-care, women can create their own work to help them navigate the daily challenges they face. Recovery is stressful on the mind and body. Mindfulness practices can really help women … Read more

Why Single Ladies Need Time to Heal During the First Year of Recovery

Single Ladies need to heal

Moving through recovery is challenging when it comes to figuring out how to navigate romantic relationships. Some people say you must avoid dating, others say dating is okay with some boundaries. That first year is the toughest phase of your recovery. Newly sober people who struggle with alcoholism and addiction are better off thinking about … Read more

Nutrition and Mental Health: How it Effects Women

Casa Capri Recovery is Committed to Helping Create a Healthier Lifestyle for Women. There are several categories of mental health issues and many require medications, therapy, DBT, CBT, EMDR, and even ECT. Casa Capri Recovery is a primary substance abuse treatment program that treats women with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, PTSD and … Read more

Are You a Sugar Addict?

young woman kicking doughnuts and the habit of being a sugar addict

For many of us, sugar addict might be extreme. However, sugary foods are some of the most tempting foods available. Humans have an innate love of sugar, which explains why early humans gravitated toward them. Historically, sweeter foods were most likely to be the safest foods found in nature, while bitter foods, could be really … Read more

Hyperpalatable foods

image of hyperpalatable foods that effects our brain

Hyperpalatable foods are those that hit the ‘sweet spot’ in your mouth and immediately tell your brain to have more, even if you are full. Hyper means excessive and palatable means appetizing, pleasing to the taste buds. So a hyperpalatable food is one that is so tempting it can override your ability to control the … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet

healthy eating for rehabilitation

May is National Mediterranean Diet Month. The purpose is to increase awareness of the health benefits of this tasty way of eating. The diet is inspired by the eating habits of Greece, Italy, and Spain in the 1950’s. People from the Greek Island of Crete were considered one of the healthiest people on the planet … Read more

Eating Disorders in Women Co-occurring with Drug Addiction

scale next to woman on floor show eating disorders in women addicted to drugs

In a time where physical appearance holds so much weight a lot of eating disorders in women develop without them even realizing it. It usually begins with a minor change in diet and the desire to improve one’s physique which can lead to many people developing a toxic relationship with food. Anorexia – purposely starving … Read more

The 8 Ball And Orange Juice Diet

the orange Juice and eight ball cocaine diet

I don’t remember much about being 24. I do remember coming home to my husband on our one year wedding anniversary blue in the face and dying in my arms from a heroin overdose. But let me backtrack. By the age of 16, I had progressed from Vivarin and laxatives to full-blown Frosties and purging … Read more