This Actress Turned to Music After Battle with Addiction

By. Sarah MInline You may know her as the little girl in Curly Sue, or as Steve Martin’s projectile-vomiting daughter in the film Parenthood. You could have seen her play Blanche’s granddaughter in The Golden Girls, or watched her become the youngest participant ever to win Star Search (at age five, singing “Over The Rainbow”). … Read more

Understanding My Purpose Through Recovery

By Stephanie S. What does it mean to “turn over a new leaf?” The term “turn over a new leaf” is used to refer to making a new start. It’s often used specifically to describe changes in personal behavior that are made with the goal of being a better person. Much like turning the page … Read more

What happened to me? Where have I gone? What is this empty life I’m living?

Things had reached the point where I couldn’t hold a conversation without getting shaky inside. I could no longer envision a future without alcohol in the picture. I imagined my wedding day; my handsome, charming, groom before me, all my friends and relatives watching. Then came the dreaded moment…How would he ever get the ring … Read more