Finding a Confidant

How to be or find a trusted confidant to an addict in recovery

We’re social animals, and even at our darkest we still need to reach out to someone. A confidant is that perfect person; they listen without judgment, they might be a source of strength and good advice, and they keep your secrets safe. But who should that person be? How do you know they’re trustworthy or … Read more

Sober and Healthy – Interview with Nutritionist Lisa Licavoli

Nutrition and Eating Disorders Interview

Recently, we sat down with Nutritionist Lisa Licavoli to ask her opinion on how nutrition, eating disorders, and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand. She has years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Eating disorders are a real problem that persists today and no one in the nutrition space is more informed on treating and … Read more

Casa Capri is Proud to Announce the Newest Addition to Our Family, Registered Dietitian Lisa Licavoli!

Lisa Licavoi Introduction

Casa Capri has onboarded one of the best Nutritionist in the business, Lisa Licavoli! In addition, we have woven the art of a healthy eating practice throughout our entire program! Our support staff receives ongoing training by licensed clinicians with many years of experience in the field of eating disorder and substance abuse recovery. We have groups and cooking … Read more

Shining a Light on Uncommon Addictions

Uncommon Addictions Exposed

Alcohol, drugs, food, or sex are all things we think of when mentioning addiction, but there are many things the addictive mind can get hooked on. When it comes to uncommon addictions such as video games, lifestyles, obsessions, retail therapy problems, etc, we find a whole new category of addict: process addictions. The textbook definition … Read more

Work Relations with a Recovering Addict

Create welcoming environments for recovering addicts in the office

Your good friend who works a cubicle over from you is in recovery. In fact, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 70% of the almost 15 million Americans who abuse substances are employed. And the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence says Marijuana is the most commonly used and abused … Read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Those in Recovery

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Recovering Addicts

Committing to a life of sobriety prioritizes your friends and family over your addiction. In other words, putting your loved ones above your substance abuse is the ultimate act of love. To reward yourself (or your significant other) for making these sacrifices, consider some of the healthy Valentine’s Day gift and activity ideas detailed in … Read more

Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Kristine Adams

Casa Capri Employee Spotlight Kristine Adams

2017 is coming to a conclusion and with it, Casa Capri Recovery is setting sail on a new year together with our beloved crew. In honor of the backbone that makes Casa Capri stand so tall, we are giving the stage to some of our most noteworthy and noble members. They’ve been through a lifetime … Read more

Valentine’s Day Dating Ideas with Someone in Recovery

Valentine's Day Dates with Someone in Recovery

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, thoughts turn to romantic meals, chocolate, and a couple of glasses of fine wine. Unfortunately, however, with roughly 23.5 million Americans (that’s ten percent of America) in recovery of some sort, wine isn’t always on the menu. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to Valentine’s Day dates … Read more

Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Jen Ramsden

Casa Capri Recovery is chock full of incredible people. In order to get closer to the staff you or your loved ones could be spending a great deal of time with, we’re giving the stage to our team to show their passions in recovery and discover their personalities. Jen Ramsden is an essential player at … Read more

The State of the Nation’s Opioid Problem in the Last 25 Years

The volume of prescribed opioids in the United States has quadrupled since 1999. The problem has become so severe that in 2015 more people died from an overdose than car crashes and gun deaths combined. The year saw approximately 52,000 overdose deaths – 142 each day, with 91 of them being caused by opioids. How … Read more