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Holistic Ways for Women to Manage Pain in Recovery

Recovery from addiction is not only challenging, but every step can feel like something new to consider. For some, the management of chronic pain can be difficult. Many women are also in the role of caretaker for multiple people in their lives, from children to aging parents. There is no time to slow down and rest or lie down when the pain gets bad. On the flip side, prescription medication is usually on the “no go” list for individuals in recovery. In order to thrive, women can turn to some holistic pain management techniques that might help them cope.

Why Natural Pain Relief Helps

When people hear “natural pain relief” they might get ideas of taking herbal supplements or remedies for pain. Some women cannot take these, as they might contradict other medications they are on or pose a conflict with their recovery goals. Whatever the reason, there are a few other ways to naturally manage pain that have less to do with herbal supplements and focus more on how to take care of the mind and spiritual side.


One of the best ways to give the mind and body a break, stretch, and open new pathways of healing in the body is yoga. There is some type of yoga for every body type. From low back pain to migraines, yoga can help release tension and tight spots as well as help women meditate and find peace within their minds and bodies. Recovery spaces sometimes use yoga alongside their recovery programs to help women find inner peace and solitude.

Physical Therapy

Women who experience a lot of pain can find physical therapy effective for pain relief. Chronic pain is often treated with opioids when it becomes unmanageable, which comes with lots of complications, including possible addiction. Even if a woman was not addicted to opioids, her risk increases in recovery to experience crossover addiction issues. Physical therapists who understand addiction and recovery may also be able to offer different therapies with recovery principles in mind.


Meditation and mindfulness have motivated many people who experience chronic pain to continue finding relief and healing from mental health issues and physical discomfort. Many recovery programs encourage the use of mindfulness in their programs to help relieve pain and provide a consistent, healthy pathway to recovery.


Participating in counseling sessions with other women and individually can be healing. Pain that is physical or mental can be draining in recovery. Counseling can also provide educational opportunities to learn about new spaces of healing, reduce negativity, and support overall growth forward. Pain management in conjunction with a treating physician’s plan can support long-term healing. Group counseling with other women in recovery is one of the best places to find support, healing, and opportunities to connect with others who can share their stories.


There is a lot of research on the power of exercise. Most of it speaks to the mental health aspects of increased stress-relieving hormones released when someone exercises. Cardio exercise like running, jogging, dancing, and weight-lifting are popular, but anything from walking in the morning to going out with friends to exercise can be healthy and healing. Many fun outdoor activities can serve as exercise therapy for people in recovery. While women may struggle with exercising, it can be helpful to consult with a personal trainer who understands the unique needs of women, their personal journey of recovery, and how to help them find the right exercises for their mind and body in recovery.

Self Care Matters

It can be hard for women to practice solid self-care practices. They often lose sight of their own journey when helping others in their life. Self-care is critical to recovery to make sure sobriety and staying clean are top priorities. When women put themselves first, other people in their lives, and in their care, also have the opportunity to thrive. This means taking time to get massages, buy healthy foods (but also get a little treat sometimes), and to try different things until you find what fits. It is not going to be an easy road, but it will be one that can be fun, as you discover the power and hope of recovery.

Staying Healthy in Recovery

Recovery is for a lifetime. Women who want to stay healthy can try the activities listed above, but they may also benefit from additional support. This means drinking enough water, getting adequate sleep, and making sure they eat well-balanced meals. Alternative therapies like music, pet, and art therapy are also healing for some women the key is to also stay connected to recovery friends and groups.

Isolation can be more harmful to recovery than people think. Women, especially, love to talk about their life with friends and share what is going on in their daily work and life schedules. Making room for friends, family, and self-care is important as a holistic view to relieving pain, stress, and creating room for healing.

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