Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Shayla Linn

Casa Capri Recovery is all about family. To illustrate this, we are pointing the spotlight at some of our best employees who have shown their value time and time again. Shayla Linn is one of a shining star members of the team that shows her merit on a daily basis. She is an attentive and insightful woman that does the Casa Capri name the kind of justice we strive for. We thought it would be appropriate to give her the stage to talk about herself so that we can all get to know who we may encounter while at Casa Capri Recovery.


‘I am the case manager at our female detox! I contact all the client’s family to let them know their family member is safe in our care and to give them information about our program. I start helping the families learn how to heal themselves because addiction affects more than the client. It is a family disease. I take care of any documentation the clients may need done relating from court issues to work related issues. I run 3 groups a day and start promoting recovery with the clients as soon as they have a little bit of clarity.’


To get to know Shayla better we asked what she liked to do in her spare time.
‘I love doing anything outdoors! I enjoy spending time with other people that are in recovery and helping people who are new to recovery.’


One of the most interesting questions we like to ask our staff is how they found themselves to be a team member at Casa Capri Recovery, because it illustrates a passion for recovery and each staff member has a unique path to our home.
‘I came through Casa Capri in March of 2016. I have always wanted to work in treatment and when I saw what a great community Casa Capri is i knew I wanted to work here! I started schooling for my CADC as soon as I completed treatment and completed my internship at Casa Capri.’


Shayla is overflowing with helpful insider information and advice on how to conquer addiction. She shared with us what she believe is the most integral point for someone new to recovery.


‘I would tell them to immediately jump into a 12 step program. I would suggest them to find a higher power and be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain sobriety even it feels uncomfortable. You can’t experience change without going through some uncomfortableness.’


Life at Casa Capri Recovery is chock full of personal historical moments that get shared with the staff. These times can be rewarding for the participants. Our staff has the opportunity to be a part of so many miracles every year and Shayla has similar sentiments on her most rewarding moments at work.


‘I would have to say when I see a women fully understand what they need to do to stay sober and taking action on that is the most rewarding experience I have had. It is a daily struggle for the girls to find motivation for recovery so when it happens my heart is full!’


It’s almost Thanksgiving and Shayla shared what she looks forward to most around this holiday.


‘I would have to say I look forward to spending the holidays with my family. I have been in and out of their lives for years so being present and being able to spend time with them is the most meaningful thing.’


At the end of the year we’re all tasked with asking the introspective question about what we are thankful for. Shayla has one thing she holds near and dear and continues to be grateful for.


‘I am most thankful for my sobriety. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Casa Capri and I am so thankful they gave me the opportunity to be apart of the team and to help other women recover. I am also thankful for all the trials and challenging times i have had during my sobriety because it has helped make me a stronger woman.’

With the support of the team at Casa Capri Recovery, anything is possible. Thank you Shayla Linn for being such an indispensable team player and sharing so much beauty with us all.



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