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Signs that Your Loved One May have a Problem—Casa Capri Recovery for Women is Here to Help.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction in Women
Something seems off with your loved one, but you’re not sure what it is. Drug addiction is complex, and the symptoms will differ depending on which type of drug or drugs a person is taking. There are, however, some telltale signs to look for that almost always accompany drug abuse and addiction:

  • Loss of Control: She uses more than a she wants to, for longer than she intended; or uses despite telling herself that she would stop.
  • Neglecting Other Activities: She loses interest in activities she used to enjoy.
  • Relationship Issues: She neglects or acts out against those she is closest to.
  • Secrecy: She hides her whereabouts, use, and the amount of drugs consumed.
  • Family History: A family history of addiction is often one early sign.
  • Tolerance: She uses more, requiring increased amounts in order to have the same effect.
  • Withdrawal: This will differ depending on what substance she is abusing. Almost always she’ll display noticeable anxiety when going without the substance.
  • Continued Use, Despite Negative Consequences: She continues to use even though her use is causing problems on the job, in relationships, with her health.
  • Risk Taking: She takes serious risks in order to obtain drugs.
  • Changing Appearance: Her appearance declines, decreased personal hygiene, weight loss and sores are common.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction in Women
Since alcohol is legal and it’s socially acceptable to drink, it can be challenging to spot the symptoms associated with alcohol addiction—especially in women—unless you know what to look for.

Some common signs include:

  • Inability to Moderate: She drinks more than she planned or for longer than she intended.
  • Inability to Stop: She has said she wants to cut down or stop drinking, or has even tried to, but could not.
  • Risky Situations: More than once she’s gotten into situations while drinking that are out of character or dangerous.
  • Increased Tolerance: She is able to drink much more than she once did.
  • Continued Use Despite Problems: She continues to drink even though it makes her blackout, feel depressed, anxious, or is causing legal, emotional and financial problems.
  • Relationship Issues: She continues to drink even though it is causing trouble with family or friends.
  • Disrupting Work or Family Life: Her drinking and being sick from drinking is interfering with work, school or family obligations.
  • Risky Situations: More than once she’s gotten into situations while drinking that are out of character or dangerous.
  • Increased Tolerance: She is able to drink much more than she once did.
  • Loss of Passions: She’s stopped doing the activities that she used to love.
  • Legal Issues: She’s been arrested, been held at a police station, or had other legal problems because of drinking.
  • Withdrawal: She has withdrawal symptoms such as trouble sleeping, shakiness, restlessness, nausea, sweating, racing heart rate, or a seizure.

The alcohol rehab center at Casa Capri Recovery will give you or your loved one the tools she needs to learn how to overcome addiction and find a meaningful, happy sober life. 

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