wrapped christmas gifts include 10 creative gifts for someone in recovery

10 Creative Gifts For Someone In Recovery

The holidays present a unique challenge to anyone who is in the gift giving mood. You want to give something that is special, well-thought out, and meaningful. This becomes increasingly more important when you’re giving gifts for someone in recovery.


Choosing  gifts for someone in recovery can seem tricky. You want to give them something that is unique to them and that also tells them you care for them, and are thinking of them as they forge through this often difficult time.


Here are ten perfect and creative gifts for someone in recovery this holiday season.

1- Personalized Photo Album

A custom photo album is a fantastic way to remind someone in recovery how much they mean to you and what incredible memories you have shared with them in the past. It is something they can turn to at any time as a reminder of some of the wonderful people and things they have in their life.


2- Yoga pass

Part of being successful in recovery is finding ways to feel good. A yoga pass will help anyone do just that. Yoga will allow the recipient to sweat out toxins, connect with their inner-self and walk away feeling rejuvenated. It also provides a health driven community that can be positive influences throughout one’s recovery.


3- Journal / Diary

A quality journal can do wonders for someone in recovery. Encouraging them to write daily entries, expressing their thoughts and emotions is a great way for them to get things off their mind and help discover breakthroughs during their process. It is also an easy way to reduce stress in one’s day to day life. If you feel as though a journal is not personal enough, you can add a personal inscription that they can reflect on is a nice touch.


4- Plan a Sober Event

As people grow older, they tend to find that life-experiences mean more to them than material gifts. Planning a sober event for your friend or loved one in recovery is a nice way of telling them you support them and are willing to partake in their sober lifestyle. It can be something as simple as cooking dinner together and watching your favorite films or if you feel like pushing yourselves, partaking in a 10k race.


5- Engraved Jewelry

If the person you are gifting is a fan of watches, necklaces or bracelets, picking one out and having it engraved with a personal message or a sobriety date is the perfect creative gift. It is something that they can keep forever, that is meaningful and demonstrates to them that you are with them at all times.


6- Camping Trip

Nothing cleanses the mind like getting in touch with nature and having fun (Casa Capri Recovery). Whether it is a weekend at your local campground or a week in your state’s biggest park, spending a few nights together in a place that is ‘off the grid’, where the air is clean and there are no daily life distractions, will allow you both to bond, make new memories, and focus solely on yourselves.


7- Guided meditation lessons

Meditation can be a powerful tool when it comes to combatting addiction. It allows individuals to relax, clear their mind, focus on their breathing, and experience emotions in a non-threatening way. Meditation is also known to be a great stress reducer. Even if one has never meditated before, it is something anyone can do, and is beneficial to everyone.


8- Adrenaline Rush

So many people that find themselves in recovery had originally turned to drugs or alcohol to obtain the sensation of feeling ‘alive.’ For the right person who is in the midst of their recovery, providing a natural, non-harmful adrenaline rush could be a fitting gift. Visiting a nearby amusement park to ride roller coasters, or jumping out of a plane to skydive, or taking a trip to a beach where you can do shark cage diving would all provide one with an extraordinary adrenaline rush.


9- Day at the spa

Going through addiction recovery can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Providing someone with a trip to a day spa may be just what they need on their path to recovery. Being able to relax their mind and body while sitting in a sauna or expelling toxins while getting a massage will ultimately improve their mental and physical health.


10- Build a Garden Box

Building a garden box is a multi-faceted project that is perfect to end the list of gifts for someone in recovery. It allows you to work together outdoors on a project, gaining a sense of accomplishment once the box is built. Then filling the box with a variety of herbs and flowers allows one to have a year-round sense of purpose while taking care of their plants. As the plants flourish and grow, so can one in recovery.


What’s important to remember when picking gifts for someone in recovery is to treat them like anyone else. They’re family and friends and don’t want attention drawn to their negative past. Remember to always focus on them as a person, not on their recovery.


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