top 10 recovery podcast programs for women dealing with addiction related issues

Listen, Learn, and Heal: The Top Ten Recovery Podcast Programs on the Digital Dial

There are many tools in the recovery toolbox. Meditation, counseling, music, comedy – and all of these can be found on the podcast landscape that currently populates your smartphone. It’s a crowded field, so we’re here to help you maneuver the best recovery podcast themed programs out there.

Recovery Podcast: First Five


Alcoholism is the most prevalent – and socially sanctioned – form of addiction in the United States. It affects about half of our population; this statistic represents individuals who are either struggling with the disease themselves or dealing with a loved one in the throes of alcoholism. Jean M. hosts this frank podcast, which delves into the topic of excessive drinking, taboo subject matter, and hope for a sober tomorrow.


This blast of creativity comes from The Sobriety Collective and host Laura Silverman. She partitions her signature style into distinct quadrants of the show: creative collective, top 5, mental health, and dear diary. This is honesty in its purest form, eliciting laughter, tears, and thought-provoking discussion from its guests and its fortunate listeners. 


Charting a path to sobriety is all about connections; connecting to a support system, connecting to your best self, and connecting with the world in a whole new way. And connections are at the heart of Recovery People, a Texas-based recovery podcast that pairs guests according to the stories they have to tell and the future they want to live.


If you like your tough love with some extra tough, then tune in for That Sober Guy. Host Shane Ramer doesn’t hold back, so there’s some NSFW language coursing through his mic, but the truth is sometimes hard to hear. People in recovery are enduring some pretty harsh realities, and Shane just tells it like it is, so crank it up and enjoy the wild ride!


Some people hold the misconception that life after recovery is boring or uneventful. Wrong! AfterPartyPod is a party in a podcast, packed with celebrity guests like Moby, Dr. Drew, and Marc Maron, just to name a few. Anna David is the ringleader of raw, and this content sometimes cuts to the bone? but in a healing kind of way.

Recovery Podcast: Final Five


Women face unique struggles when it comes to recovery. In addition to societal pressures and stigmas, they sometimes face domestic abuse issues that all too often dovetail with substance use in the home. That’s where the HOME Podcast gets its name. This is a safe space for women to speak and really be heard, and they cover the vitally important issues facing females on their road to sobriety.


Matt, Jeff, and Chris form a terrific triumvirate of irreverence and immediacy. They bring unique perspectives to their respective sobriety experiences, tackling topics as disparate as spirituality, sexuality, pop culture, and everything recovery related. But as they spar with each other, they listen – and that’s the key to a successful reawakening.


Straight out of Philly, this podcast originates as a news program that airs every Saturday on the local dial before being archived for the worldwide internet audience. The show explores scientific breakthroughs, showcases expert analyses, and invites guest speakers to share their stories every week in a continued effort to bring treatment out of the shadows and into your earbuds.


No, that’s not a typo. SHAiR stands for Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery, and the title speaks volumes. Packed with inspirational guest speakers, motivational thinkers, and a weekly roster of experts galore, SHAiR emboldens your inner warrior and galvanizes your spirit for battling back against the demons of addiction.


Addiction takes its toll in various ways. Individuals in the throes of substance use often lose their spouses, jobs, and friends. But friendship rekindled is the cornerstone of Clean and Sober, a podcast brought to you by Gary Hendler and Steve Martorano. They reunited after years of working through their own individual recovery journeys to forge a new bond. The show explores their triumphs together and apart, drawing in listeners who have been down the same road themselves.

No matter which recovery podcast appeals to your specific tastes, it’s important that you listen to your own inner voice. You’re bound to find something in the above list that reflects your experiences, struggles, and triumphs. All of the programs showcased in our Top Ten share some commonalities: respect for the recovery process, compassion for others, and hope for what’s next. Even if you’re not a podcast person, per se, please know that there’s always someone out there willing to hear you. Feel free to reach out to Casa Capri Recovery for Women for detox, rehab, and recovery as well as many other recovery related issues.


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