Deepen the Connection to Your Inner Self with These Steps

Every day is a choice to wake up, after which you’re faced with many other options. In recovery, this can feel overwhelming because all these choices are new. Never before have you faced the day without substances or reaching for a drink or other drug to soothe your soul. Recovery is a minute by minute, day by day choice to seek a different way of connecting to the world and the self. Healing is part of the journey, but it takes learning some tools that will help with the experience. Give these suggestions a shot. 


Unplugging from the world helps focus on the inner self, unlike any other experience. To disconnect from the world looks different for each person. The positive impact of meditation on mood and physical stress or anxiety can be measured in studies, but for most people, it must be experienced to understand. Every day the brain comes up with ideas, dreams, and plans. By unplugging your mind and turning attention inwards with meditation, you can finally breathe rather than think. Sit back and relax after a long day with just ten minutes before bed to clear the mind of the day’s clutter. Open the morning with a short meditation of quiet contemplation before the day begins. Whatever way people choose, they can decide how to incorporate this into their lives and create space for their souls to grow and heal. 


Dehydration often happens when a person is not paying attention. Chronic dehydration can be linked to severe health issues if a person does not drink enough water. Cut back on beverages like coffee and energy drinks to choose, instead, water. Most people need between 8-10 glasses a day. In between cups of coffee, be sure to drink at least a cup of water to replenish the body and speed up healing in recovery. 

Go Outside

There are a lot of ways to incorporate the natural world into your healing routine. It includes everything from walking barefoot outside in the yard to reconnecting with nature on longer hikes. It might mean getting friends together to go kayaking, going to local forest preserves, or golfing at a course. Whatever a person chooses to do, they can do it alone, with friends, or find opportunities to connect with nature in their backyard while sipping some tea. Breathe the fresh air and take this time to let the soul be restored. 


It is impossible to find ways of traveling all the time, for obvious reasons. We all have to work and keep up with responsibilities at home. Furthermore, not everyone likes to travel. Whatever the case may be, humans have a desire and need to explore and find new things. Make a habit of looking into opportunities for staycation fun. This might include:

  • Exploring the neighborhood in new ways
  • Getting a camera to document the experience of exploring with kids or alone
  • Meet up with others who love exploring the local sights or taking tours
  • Find groups meeting to gather new individuals around a fun topic or topic of interest

When returning home after the adventure, grab a journal, and document it. Color, paint, or write about what was discovered on the journey. It might be fun to record in a scrapbook, too. The main goal is to explore with the idea of finding space to experience something new.

Get in Touch

From old friends to new, make sure to touch base with friends and people. Don’t become isolated in recovery due to a crazy work schedule or spending too much time in service. Break out of the mold once in a while and call a grandparent. Check-in with your cousins or do some genealogy searches to find a long lost relative. Genuine connections can deepen the relationship with yourself and build bridges of healing between yourself and others, especially if your addiction has hurt a lot of people. 


There are many ways to address the inner soul connection. Don’t let the world go by without recognizing the opportunities to enjoy life in many different ways. Reconnection may take some time if it has been a while since doing these activities. Recovery is a great time to explore new ways of seeing the world. Give a few a try and do what works. Be willing to shift and pivot towards new ways of seeing the experiences as a chance to grow in recovery. It may take some time to acclimate to this way of doing things, but over time it will be second nature to do these things a little every day as part of the typical journey of life. 

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