Adderall’s long-term dependency & Eating Disorders in Women

Adderall is an amphetamine that affects dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain. Dopamine controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, creating a feeling of motivation that can push us to take action to achieve certain goals. Abuse or long-term use of the drug cause emotional and physical issues which can lead to addiction.


Many women start to notice weight loss associated with Adderall which in turn can begin a vicious cycle of body image and eating disorders alongside other emotional problems like mood and emotional problems including depression, anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating—as well as serious physical issues ranging from heart disease, to weight loss, to difficulty sleeping, according to American Addiction Centers.


The emotional aspect of withdrawal may be the most noticeable side effect in women who abuse Adderall over an extended period of time. When this happens, the natural production of dopamine is reduced, causing low moods, high anxiety, and a reduction in being able to find pleasure naturally.


You may then start to look for (or crave<addiction) alternative methods to get back the pleasure and reward feelings which can lead to abuse of other drugs (especially opioids to help “numb” these new feelings) or craving hyper-palatable foods. Anxiety is side-effect of long-tern Adderall use and since it is not used to treat anxiety, when used alone it may worsen your symptoms which in turn will create the fight or flight to look for pleasure enhancing situations.


When Adderall has not been prescribed for the person taking it, or it has been prescribed but is being misused, side effects can be serious. Common side effects can include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, and headache.


7 Signs You May Have an Adderall Addiction ( list provided by WebMD)

1. You are taking more Adderall than your prescribed dose.

Consistently higher levels of these hormones hormones—which can induce intense feelings of well-being—can lead to both dependency, and a consequent need to continue taking high doses.


2. You need more drugs to achieve the same effect.

Adderall on your own can be challenging once tolerance has built up.


3. You are experiencing more consistent and more pronounced side effects.

 Timely treatment is so vital. Prolonged addiction raises the risk of experiencing lasting effects from abuse of the drug. Avoiding long-term physical and psychological damage from Adderall addiction is one more reason to seek help for an addiction.


4. You are losing interest in school, work, and friends.

 Adderall addiction stories involving progressive withdrawal from social and other commitments and obligations abound; Adderall abuse can strain familial relationships and friendships, and derail professional or academic lives. 


5. You are crushing, snorting, or injecting the drug.

Adderall is dangerously addictive when ingesting Adderall in these ways and can increase the risk of overdose. Finding Adderall addiction treatment before an addiction progresses to the point of overdose can save your life.


6. You are having withdrawal symptoms.

If you have become addicted to Adderall, and abruptly stop taking the drug, or notably decrease your dosage, you may experience anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorder, depression, lack of energy and motivation. You may need a medically supervised detox.


7. You are continuing to use Adderall despite awareness of a problem.

You may be aware that you have a problem but feel unable to alter it. While the spiral of addiction can be deeply affecting, treatment for Adderall addiction is possible. But recovery can be hard to do on your own. Counseling, withdrawal assistance, and support from loved ones are vital factors in recovery from drug addiction.


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