Lisa Licavoi Introduction

Casa Capri is Proud to Announce the Newest Addition to Our Family, Registered Dietitian Lisa Licavoli!

Casa Capri has onboarded one of the best Nutritionist in the business, Lisa Licavoli! In addition, we have woven the art of a healthy eating practice throughout our entire program! Our support staff receives ongoing training by licensed clinicians with many years of experience in the field of eating disorder and substance abuse recovery. We have groups and cooking classes along with regular office hours for individual sessions with our R.D. for all our clients. E.D. focused 12 Step meetings are offered for more support.

About�Lisa Licavoli

Lisa is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Traditional Naturopath specializing in Integrative Nutrition for Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse Recovery. She has been in practice since 1979 and is a much sought-after speaker, writer, and counselor. Lisa takes a body-centered approach to health and healing, with nutrition as the foundation. Due to her extensive work with clients who have eating disorders, she co-wrote the book Love Your Body: Change the Way You Feel About the Body You Have. Lisa has helped thousands of people meet their health, weight, and fitness goals. She provides medical nutrition therapy for a variety of health-related issues. Besides counseling individuals and families, Lisa provides nutrition lectures for her corporate clients.

What�Lisa�has to say about supporting women in recovery with eating disorders/disordered eating

Women in Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol with co-occurring Eating Disorders /Disordered Eating have special challenges that other women with eating disorders, who are not addicts, may not have. This is an underserved and misunderstood population. The craving brain attempts to balance itself from the withdrawal of drugs and alcohol by craving food, especially sugar. This can lead to addictive eating patterns that sabotage recovery and may lead to drug-seeking behavior, both illicit and prescribed. Blocks and challenges that women in recovery may face are:

  • Taking meds that stimulate appetite
  • Taking meds that themselves cause weight gain, even without overeating
  • Dealing with a craving brain (neurotransmitter fluctuations)
  • Impulsivity issues, especially with co-occurring ADD/ADHD
  • Toxicity from street drugs that can negatively impact thinking, metabolism, energy & weight
  • Prolonged and compounded trauma
  • Low distress tolerance/ poor coping skills
  • The brain and body going through extreme changes such as hormone & weight fluctuations
  • Metabolism issues from exposure to prescribed stimulants, such as for ADHD
  • Extreme external stressors from a chaotic lifestyle

Learn more about Lisa’s voice and approach by reading her book, Love Your Body‘ co-written by Tami Brannan-Quan.

You can also follow Lisa on Twitter at @LisaLicavoli


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