Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Maxine Ball

Maxine Ball is one of our favorite employees at Casa Capri Recovery. She works as a Treatment Technician and has proven her mettle time and time again. We’re very proud to call her one of us and wanted to give her an opportunity to speak about herself. Finding out a little more detail about who the staff is at Casa Capri can give you a window into what it’s like to be here and who you’ll have to help you on your recovery journey.

What makes Casa Capri Recovery so unique is the staff that make up it’s family. Without such incredible people at Casa Capri, we would be just like every other treatment center. Just listening to our staff talk about their own recovery, experiences, and advice can make a world of difference in others’ journeys. Maxine has a lot of knowledge and experience and has been a pillar of support that we can all lean on. She talked to us openly about her position and her personal life in order to share with us all who she is and what she believes in.

‘I’m a Treatment Tech which includes duties such as dispensing medications, driving clients, and observing client behaviors.’

That means Maxine is very busy and spends a lot of time with patients, often engaging in very meaningful conversations while on the recovery journey. She can be seen making very personal connections and touching the lives of many every day.

Maxine is full of energy and leads a life meant for Instagram. She talked a little bit about her hobbies with us. She’s a health fanatic in the best way possible and having someone with such positivity around the treatment center really rubs off on us all.

‘When I’m not working I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle participating in yoga, crossfit, healthy cooking, swimming, and reading.’

Here at Casa Capri Recovery, each of our team members has a unique path to their home with the team. Maxine is no different and talked a little about how she found herself here as a treatment technician.

‘Having gone through Casa Capri as a client myself I feel like I gained a unique perspective that would enable me to support and encourage successful recovery in others.’

Advice coming from a place of authority and experience such as Maxine’s is always a blessing and something we all need more of. Maxine was unabashed in sharing with us her most hearty piece of advice.

‘Remember the crossroads that brought you here and stay on the path that so many have successfully walked through before you.’

Experiences are plentiful at Casa Capri, some good, some bad, but all leading to a better place. Maxine said, ‘I’ve had the privilege of witnessing clients blossom into self awareness thoroughly transforming their lifestyle choices throughout their stay.’ What a beautiful sight it is to see people like flowers, becoming their best selves. Maxine has such an aura of positivity around her, she is capable of lighting up every room she walks into.

Thanksgiving is an exciting time and there is a lot to be excited for, but we asked Maxine what she is most thankful of this holiday season.

‘The presence of my supportive family….and pumpkin pie!’

Family is important, but so is pumpkin pie!

And more generally, we asked Maxine what she was most thankful for through the whole year.

‘The ability to be present internally and externally.’

We truly care for our staff and want to continue to share with you their insights because no one knows better than the people that live the recovery process every day. They are the most supportive and understanding people in the world.

We’re thankful to call Maxine a Casa Capri family member. She’s always cheerful, full of encouragement and good vibrations. Looking forward to more sober and inspiring years ahead with Maxine.

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