Casa Capri Employee Spotlight Kristine Adams

Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Kristine Adams

2017 is coming to a conclusion and with it, Casa Capri Recovery is setting sail on a new year together with our beloved crew. In honor of the backbone that makes Casa Capri stand so tall, we are giving the stage to some of our most noteworthy and noble members.


They’ve been through a lifetime of difficulty, perseverance, and success in order to bring the best care to our patients. It’s important to get to know the staff that warm the halls of our beloved Casa Capri, because getting to know the people is even better than getting to know the place. Begin building your relationships and trust here today with Kristine Adams, a manager and an intern to the psych department who has become an integral member of the team, lifted people on both sides of staff and patients to new heights with her positivity, nurturing nature, and an abundance of experience. She is has said she has individual sessions with [her] caseload, runs groups, runs IOP groups, manages [her] caseload of clinics needs, discharges planning, assessments and helps out whenever and wherever she can.

Although a bit shy on her personal life, she said she loves to roller skate and has found it a soothing hobby that she’s bonded with patience and staff over. Roller skating, like any physical activity, is great for recovery as it helps with the physical and psychological rehabilitation process. Getting in shape can be a perfect way to divert efforts or anxieties and is proven to alleviate stress.

The staff at Casa Capri Recovery are brimming with knowledge and the best advice. When asked what Kristine considers her best advice she said, ‘Follow directions, listen, stick it out. It only gets better.’

Through time, experience in garnered and each of our members have had moments that have been miraculous and awe-inspiring, not excluding Kristine who opened up about her most rewarding experience at Casa Capri.

‘Having a week to find a sober living for a clinic that lived in a very small town in Illinois, greatest feeling in the world when everyone here pulled together to help and we did. We found a sober living.’

While our staff has conquered addiction, they are all still on the recovery path, each making strides toward a better life. With each year they attain more wisdom and become the selves they’ve wanted to be. This year Kristine said she was most proud of completing a year of doctorate classes. We’re super proud of her too for pursuing her goals and getting another year closer to her dreams.

As personal goals Kristine has set for herself, she wants to make it to 12 years sober, and complete her 2nd year of doctoral classes. We believe in her and encourage her and everyone else at Casa Capri Recovery to make the effort.

When asked to speak on the subject of advice to a newcomer to addiction recovery, Kristine said:

‘One huge thing for me was to break each goal into small increments that are achievable and attainable. Then I would also re-evaluate where I am in life to set the next life goal and to remember that change is okay.’

Kristine’s a wonder and good with people and their challenges whether they are new to recovery or a veteran.

Thank you, Kristine. You’ve really been a star in all our lives and continue to be an inspiration for what sobriety can be. 2018 is in for a treat with Kristine Adams coming to the show. We’re rooting for you!


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