What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Making the decision to seek professional help for yourself or for a loved one isn’t always easy. At Casa Capri Recovery, we never want the fear of the unknown to deter anyone from detox. We’ve created this guide covering what happens during alcohol detox and drug detox so you can feel prepared for your recovery.

What is Detox?

Detox (short for detoxification) is the medically supervised process during which addictive substances are allowed to leave the body. Detox can be used to refer to quitting addictive drugs such as heroin or methamphetamines, as well as the process of stopping drinking. Medical supervision during detox is important, as the withdrawal symptoms of drug detox and alcohol detox can be severe, even deadly.

What Happens During Detox

Every client’s experience at Casa Capri Recovery is uniquely tailored to her. The following steps generally outline what to expect during detox.

    1. Intake – Our Medical Director assesses every woman upon arrival to determine how advanced her addiction has progressed and what services are right for her. A tailored detox protocol is created for each client based on her unique needs. 

    2. Evaluation – Our Licensed Clinician gives a thorough biopsychosocial evaluation which studies the patient’s interconnection between biological, psychological, and socio-environmental factors. Addiction and substance abuse disorders are caused by a wide variety of factors; identifying the root causes is key to healing. 

    3. Detox Process – During drug or alcohol detox, our caring staff closely monitors each client and tends to her individual needs throughout her stay. These staff members are the constant liaison between our clients and the Medical Director during the time prior to their daily visit.
      To promote optimal overall wellness, our nutritionist — a Registered Dietitian — works with our chef to ensure clients receive well-balanced, healthy meals with proper nutrition during detox. 

    4. Transition – Our Detox staff is in constant communication with our client’s next level of care to make certain a safe and smooth transfer is made. Whether she remains with us in our Residential Program or she is transferring to one of our trusted partners, client wellbeing is always our top priority.

Addiction doesn’t end at the end of detox treatment, so this final step of transition back into daily life is crucial.

Take the First Step Towards Healthy Detox

Detox from drugs and alcohol is a challenging, often painful experience that no woman should experience alone. Our caring staff is ready to hear from you so you can begin the detox process for yourself or your loved one.

The easiest first step is to verify your insurance online, or give us a call at (844) 252-5221.


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