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Drug Rehab Center for Women at Casa Capri Recovery

No Matter How Far Down the Scale You Have Gone With Drug Addiction, Healing is Possible at Casa Capri

There are so many drug addiction treatment centers out there; it may seem overwhelming and hard to choose. Maybe you or someone you love has been to treatment before, possibly multiple times, yet you find yourself desperate, alone and unable to stop, again. At Casa Capri, we welcome those who’ve tried before with open arms. We can help where others have failed.

Our comprehensive women’s only inpatient rehabilitation program is unlike any other treatment center around. Our unique integrative treatments are designed for women —we understand the ways in which addiction affects women differently—and our programs are designed with the specific tools young women need most. Casa Capri is truly a safe space that fosters wholehearted healing. Call us now to find out how we can help you or your loved one find hope, happiness and life-long recovery, at last; 844-252-5221

A Supportive Sober Sisterhood and Joyful Living

Our accredited drug rehab offers true hope and healing for women struggling with all types of drug addiction, especially those who’ve tried before. What makes Casa Capri so different is that we understand that lasting recovery is more than just curbing the addiction.

Our drug treatment program seeks to uncover and heal the deepest parts of yourself, give you the tools and confidence to live a successful, sober life—and most importantly—cultivate a sisterhood that will support you on this new and wonderful journey of health and happiness.

Casa Capri Recovery is more than just a drug rehab center, it is a healing community of women—both staff and peers—that nurture, support, and love one another as we learn to live joyfully in recovery. We believe joy is essential to lasting recovery and that you deserve a joyful life. You will find your joy, at Casa Capri. Call now – 844-252-5221.

Offering a Personalized Drug Treatment Journey as Unique as You Are

Every woman is unique and has her own story. At Casa Capri Recovery, we understand the variety of addiction types and that your needs and recovery journey will be as unique as you are. We offer individualized programs designed to incorporate a unique mix of therapeutic, experiential and holistic programming along with life-skills and career coaching to give you exactly the tools you’ll need on your path to a happy, purposeful sober life.

Casa Capri’s prescription rehab is specifically tailored to support the needs of women as they transition off of addictive prescription medications to a chemical free life. We know what you’re up against and we’ll walk with you on this journey every step of the way. Our committed, compassionate, knowledgeable staff has helped thousands of women find freedom from prescription drug addiction. Now it’s your turn.

Our substance abuse rehab is designed to address the unique needs of women as they begin a new life free from a variety of addictive substances. No matter what you are facing: legal problems, physical issues, emotional or family concerns, we understand and can help. There is nothing that can’t be fixed. Casa Capri Recovery is here to support, love and empower you as you heal. We understand this journey well and we’ll hold your hand through the difficult moments.

It’s time to heal. It’s time to live again. It’s time to call. Our all female caring staff is here for you 24 hours a day. We’ll answer any questions you have and also assess whether you’ll need an initial stay at our detox center to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Please pick up the phone; a life beyond your wildest dreams awaits you at Casa Capri Recovery. Call now 844-252-5221.


Drug Rehab Centers for Women

Drug addiction affects women differently than men. And, we’re not only talking about the physical and mental effects of the addiction, but also the social consequences. Women have to deal with the stigma associated with addiction more than men and often avoid enrolling in a rehabilitation center fearing the harsh judgment of their community. Women also face numerous barriers to getting help. A mother that struggles with addiction, for example, may think twice before going to a rehab center since it may mean the loss of her child’s custody.

A women-only facility can address the unique problems women are facing during the recovery process and help them overcome most challenges.

What Unique Treatment Needs Do Women Have?

Women and men face unique needs when it comes to drug abuse. According to one study, female addicts tend to use drugs more frequently than men. Scientists believe that a woman’s biology might have to do with their preference for high dosage and hard drugs.

For starters, women are smaller than men. Their bones are thinner, muscles smaller, and they develop less tissue than their male counterparts. But, because drugs aren’t gender specific, women tend to get hooked on the drug faster than men because of their small stature.

The chemistry of the female body also plays a vital role in developing an addiction.  In one study, researchers have found that the high level of estrogen in the female body enables receptors to send rapid signals of pleasure to the brain. Because the brain receives more pleasure signals, women are more likely than men to develop addiction and experience intense cravings.

Studies have found that women are more likely than men to give up treatment before 30 days have passed because of the tasks society expects them to perform.

The cultural roles also play a significant part in how women experience addiction and behave during treatment. Studies have found that women are more likely than men to give up treatment before 30 days have passed because of the tasks society expects them to perform. Especially if women have to enroll in inpatient treatment facility, they will keep wondering who’s feeding the kids, paying the bills, taking care of the house, and so on.

A rehab center should, thus, have a holistic approach that considers women’s unique physical and mental needs as well as their roles.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Women Only Residential Drug Treatment Center?

Women-only residential drug treatment centers understand that women react differently to drug use and have unique needs during the rehabilitation stay. A lot of them develop substance abuse issues after a traumatic event, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, the loss of a loved one, and so on. Because of the gender roles associated with being a woman, they often blame themselves for what happened and look for external stimuli to help them alleviate their pain and anxiety.

A women-only facility will provide a safe environment that will make women feel safe enough to confront their problems. These detox centers function as communities where patients receive help from specialists as well as from other members.

How Are Gender Specific Therapy Groups Different?

First of all, women need to feel safe to open up about their addiction and struggles. They also need to know that their families won’t crumble if they focus on their health for a while. That’s why it’s important for women-only rehab centers to provide childcare options so that patients can get the treatment they need without constantly worrying about the state of their children.

Female-only drug rehab centers also have more group sessions than regular ones as women usually require the support of others to overcome their addiction. They require network-based therapy as opposed to confrontational methods for effective results. Alternative therapy methods, such as meditation, yoga, and outdoor activities can also help women in their rehabilitation process.

What to Expect During the Admissions Process?

The first thing specialists will do is assess the patient’s current state. They will examine patients and try to establish the length of the addiction, the drug used, the dosage, the method individuals employed to take the drug, potential health problems, as well as any co-occurring conditions. Based on this information, they will develop a customized plan that considers the unique needs and issues of the patient.

After this initial consultation, a team member will help patients make any travel arrangements. Most clinics make sure that the patient will get to the clinic as soon as 24 hours after the pre-admission assessment.

Reaching out for help can feel terrifying. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you enroll in a women-only drug rehab center, you get the specialized care and help you need to regain control over your life.