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NeuroCoach® Programs for Women

Casa Capri Recovery for women is on the frontlines of addiction and how to best treat it. NeuroCoach with Dr. Sonnee Weedn is cutting edge and her Southern California Lab is on our campus! People travel from all over the country for this latest and greatest technology that really is changing the course of addiction treatment.


Overview of NeuroCoach Program


NeuroCoach® has programmed varying training methods within the scope of the program, which allows for the most efficient training style for each individual. These methods and protocols work with individuals who are struggling with addiction recovery, head injuries, learning disabilities, neurodevelopment deficits or those who just wish to improve their overall cognitive abilities and strengthen their memory, thinking, decision-making and keep their brain and cognitive abilities at their highest levels. NeuroCoach® is a program that has something for everyone and takes the monotony out of brain training so that each client gets the most out of each session.


After the NeuroCodeX® evaluation, analysis, and report of findings, each client who goes into one of our Smart Brain Solution programs is given specific remediation, repair, or improvement protocols.  These protocols are based on the needs of the client, brain dysfunction, and physiology. The heart of Smart Brain Solutions is NeuroCoach®, a computer-based tool used to retrain the brain to normalized function and development. This tool is used for NeuroDevlopment, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Recovery and Addiction as well as overall improvement in the health of the brain.


NeuroCoach® has been successfully used for clients with:


What exactly is Neurocoach?

NeuroCoach® is a proprietary neuro-engineered computer software program that reads the brainwaves of the user and filters those waves in specific ranges that have been customized for each user. The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings and Smart Brain Solutions Programs will indicate which protocols will be used for each client. During each session the client’s brain wave activity is recorded in real time, providing the individual user with auditory and visual feedback.


The training will either inhibit or encourage certain brain wave frequencies, each of which correlate to certain behavioral traits. NeuroCoach® sends the user’s brainwave activity to the computer and the user can see that activity in ‘real time’ providing visual or auditory feedback. Thus, based on how the client’s brain is functioning, the program will help encourage wanted behavior and stop unwanted behavior. All protocols are based on the individual client’s needs and assigned to customize their goals.


While the client performs computer-based activities, NeuroCoach® takes raw brainwave output and runs it through a set of filters designed to isolate the specific brain patterns that are desired. The moving blue bar and red lined box that appears and disappears around the blue bar provide the user with visual feedback when they are within the correct threshold. If the brainwaves are outside the acceptable frequency range, the frame shows red. Otherwise it is not visible.


Versatility of using Neurocoach

Just as no two brains are alike, not all individuals are interested in the same mode of training.  NeuroCoach® has built in to its programming the ability to use movies, activities, and games. This allows the age, gender, or interest of the individual to be taken into account.


Movies that are appropriate or of interest to children, such as animated features, are often different from movies and entertainment that are appropriate or of interest to adults, such as more mature content and themes. Feedback occurs when the movie stops due to lack of concentration or focus and then starts once again once the focus or the attention begins again from the player.


Feedback is provided with computer games and activities, too. Much like the movie stopping when the user is outside the threshold range, the brakes of the car in the computer game turns on and the user is not able to control the game correctly. When the NeuroCoach® threshold indicator turns red, the brakes lights turn on for visual feedback. The user can also see tire marks show up behind the car to visually indicate when the car is braking. Again, this provides visual feedback if concentration is a training protocol and is outside the threshold range.


NeuroCoach® uses flash-based games as well. This is the dimmer games module. The user is given a choice of several different games, but instead of having the threshold affect the controls of the game or movie, NeuroCoach® programming dims the window when the user is outside the acceptable range. The protocols assigned to the individual will determine the dimming action of the program. If relaxation is the protocol, the client will need to remain relaxed during the game or the window in which the action is occurring will begin to dim until it is opaque. If focus is the protocol the same dimming action will occur.  So, while the program operates the same, it will operate from the back-end based on protocols assigned to the particular client.

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