Nutritional Program


Maintaining Healthy Nutrition is Essential to Quality Recovery 

At Casa Capri, your happy, healthy and long-term sobriety is our top priority. We understand the complex and sensitive issues that young women face in recovery—including matters around food, body image issues, and eating disorders—and we’ve got the tools to help you change negative patterns and behaviors so you can approach food in a healthy, positive way.

Our nutrition program supports our graduates as they transition from the structure of our inpatient rehab center, into independent living situations. You’ll learn healthy nutrition tips and behaviors, recipes, how to read and understand nutrition facts, meal planning and how to use healthy foods to fuel your body, mind, and spirit. Please, pick up the phone today to learn more about our nutrition program, our wellness program, our career program or any of our programs. Call now 855-816-8826; our staff is available 27/7.

Learning to Love Yourself in Body, Mind, And Spirit 

Many women that come to Casa Capri have issues with food in addition to a substance abuse disorder; it’s common. The good news is that your past need not dictate your future. Our nurturing and experienced staff has helped hundreds of women overcome eating obstacles and cultivate healthy relationships with both their bodies and what they put into their bodies.  Want to learn more? Check our testimonial page for inspiring stories from some of our clients.

Health really is the greatest wealth we have and it all starts on your plate. Casa Capri’s nutrition program is a place where you can transform your thoughts and behaviors around food, find hope and truly heal. A healthy, vibrant, sober life is just a phone call away, so please call us now at 855-816-8826.