Post Treatment Support

Receiving support after treatment is a vital component of combating addiction. Patients must know that they can rely on the help of friends and families as well as experts in case they experience stress or cravings. Post treatment support is essential in the rehabilitation process and key to preventing relapses.

Addiction intervention should not be limited to the treatment patients receive during the detoxifying process. Rehabilitation also depends on what happens after the treatment ended. Engaging in a post-treatment support program allows patients to stay on the path to recovery and improve their chances at a drug-free life.

What Level of Care Do Alumni Programs Offer That Other Aftercare Might Not?post treatment support for addiction recovery

The transferability of ideas and methods is one of the most important aspects – receiving aftercare, in a similar environment to the one of the treatment, will make the transition more comfortable. Reducing the stress that changes could cause is crucial. That way, patients don’t have to adapt to a new type of care and can smoothly continue on their path to staying sober. Alumni programs take recovery to the next level and are designed to help patients stick to what they achieved in the core treatment.

What Is Transitional or Sober Living?

Sober living means choosing to live in a house or a community free of drugs or alcohol. Addiction drags a person down and prohibits them from living a healthy and normal life. Sober living ensures that this freedom isn’t taken away from the patient.

But to achieve this sober state, one has to also go through a transitional period. Transitional living refers to everything that lays between the addict life and sober life. The patient often has to go through major changes and make self-oriented decisions during this part of the process. So, in a way, sober living is the purpose of transitional living, and it represents the expected outcome of recovery.

Where to Find a Local Group For Post Treatment Support?

Having a support group can make a world of difference in the life of an addict. Not only can regular meetings help a patient re-integrate into society but also prevent relapsing. If the support group is hard to reach, it might become difficult for a person to commit to a drug-free life because the effort is just too big.

Fortunately, you can find a post treatment support group for almost any condition, from anxiety disorder communities to 12 Steps programs, and so on.

How Do Sober Companions Help?

Sober companions are vital in helping patients with their post treatment support and returning to their regular lives, reconnecting with society. After exiting a treatment facility or program, the real world can feel quite scary to patients. Having someone accompany you to places that might put sobriety at risk or in times of stress can be very helpful.

These companions can be people from the treatment clinic, or someone specialized in post-treatment support. They understand how crucial sobriety is and how to help maintain it. Sometimes, patients experience disturbing thoughts that might push them back into the arms of addiction. A sober companion can stop them and help them get back on the right track.

What Are the Keys to Avoiding a Relapse?

Studies show that receiving specialized help lowers the likeliness of relapsing, but detoxifying the body is not nearly enough. Patients also have to change the habits that they formed during their addiction to successfully avoid a relapse. For example, they have to switch to a social life that does not revolve around drinking. Even people who have been sober for many years can have a difficult time abstaining themselves from alcohol. This task can be gargantuan for those who just completed their treatment.

Addressing the causes of addiction is also a key to preventing a relapse – dealing with depression, anxiety, or other disorders and maintaining a happy, stable life ensures sobriety. People often relapse in times of distress so preventing stressful situations is essential.

Continuing on the path to recovery even after the treatment has ended is paramount. Relapses often occur after the first treatment. That is why it’s crucial to also engage in post-treatment activities, preferably at the same clinic. Register in an alumni program to make the ride to sobriety a bit more comfortable. And, look for a sober companion that can help you make the transition into the real world easier than under normal circumstances

At Casa Capri, your inpatient experience is just the beginning of your recovery journey. As you transition from the highly structured environment of our substance abuse treatment center into your new sober life, we’ve got the tools and post treatment support you’ll need to be successful, stay sober and live the life of your dreams. Our commitment to you is life-long and we’ll be here for you all ways and always.

Now that you’re clean and sober, your life is open book. Many young women feel inspired to pursue a new degree or career and we can help guide you with ongoing counseling in our career and academic program. Our alumni program will help you stay connected to the friends and sisters you’ve made during your stay at Casa Capri. No matter where life may take you, our aftercare programs offer the ongoing support and help you’ll need to stay on the path of recovery and continue to flourish after you graduate from our accredited addiction treatment program. Are you ready to begin your journey to a life beyond your wildest dreams? Call us now at 855-816-8826 and we’ll show you how you can make your dreams a reality.

We are committed to helping each and every young woman who walks through our door find life-long recovery. It’s our post treatment support and long-term dedication to you and your sobriety that truly set Casa Capri Recovery apart. Our history and unique treatment philosophy illustrate our passion for recovery and our steadfast commitment to going the extra mile to ensure your success. We’ll do whatever it takes to support you in your healing journey. Our only mission is to share this amazing and vibrant life, free from drugs and alcohol, with you.

We’ve helped hundreds of women transform their lives. But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonial page and be inspired by women who were once struggling, just like you, and found their path to hope and healing at Casa Capri. Give us a call anytime, 24/7, to find out more about how our programs can work for you too; 855-816-8826.


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