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Addiction Treatment Center at Casa Capri

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel—A Compassionate, Supportive Road to Recovery from Substance Abuse Addiction

Addiction is a dark place. Life may seem utterly hopeless, the obstacles that stand between you or someone you love and recovery might feel insurmountable. You may have tried many times before to stop and failed every time. We can help.

Casa Capri is lifeline for young women struggling with addiction. Our compassionate and loving all-female staff understands the challenges you face in overcoming addiction to substance abuse. We have the knowledge and nurturing tools that can help you stop for good. Hope is here. Hope is Casa Capri. Our unique, accredited substance abuse treatment program has successfully treated and healed hundreds of women, each with her own story. But this isn’t about the hundreds of other women, it’s about you. Your journey back to life begins now, please pick up the phone and give us a call at 855-816-8826.

An Addiction Treatment Center with a Track Record of Success

Casa Capri’s drug rehab is a women’s only addiction treatment program for substance abuse that successfully treats a variety of addiction types. Most of the staff Casa Capri are also alumni—women with many years of recovery—so we truly understand and empathize with what you’re going through. We also know firsthand how wonderful life can be sober and it’s our passion and commitment to help you find your own new, joyful life in recovery. Early sobriety is often fraught with legal problems, health, and family issues, and may feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You don’t have to do it alone, at Casa Capri, we will hold your hand and love you until you can love yourself.

What makes Casa Capri’s substance abuse rehab center so effective is our deep commitment to each individual client. We are truly a family. Most women arrive at Casa Capri with underlying trauma and co-existing conditions, such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, that are at the root of their addiction. We work to heal all of you, body, mind and spirit with our unique and customizable mix of cognitive, behavioral, experiential and holistic therapies designed to meet your specific recovery needs. No matter what has happened in your life, the addiction treatment program at Casa Capri will allow you to rewrite your story and create a life you absolutely love. You can start right now. Simply pick up the phone and call us at 855-816-8826. Our process admissions team is here for you 24 hours a day and your happy, sober life is just around the corner!