Why the Art of Mindfulness Is Different for Women in Recovery

Why the Art of Mindfulness Is Different for Women in Recovery

The power of meditation is available to everyone. Women, especially, experience its unique benefits while in recovery from addiction. From daily habits to space for self-care, women can create their own work to help them navigate the daily challenges they face. Recovery is stressful on the mind and body. Mindfulness practices can really help women … Read more

Meditation Helps Build a More Mindful Recovery

Meditation and mindfulness are healthy practices to do in recovery. They are great for women because women tend to hold stress in their bodies, which harms their recovery. Working on mindfulness takes time. It does not happen overnight. Meditation and healthy habits benefit women because they can complement other therapies and work in treatment. The … Read more

Why Different Types of Breathwork Can Help Women Heal in Recovery

The therapeutic support of breathwork is not just about learning how to breathe easier in and out.  It is a way to improve the body holistically, from the brain down to the toes. Women, especially, are caretakers of so many people in their lives, they often put themselves last. When they put themselves first in … Read more