Go Further with Food

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Go Further with Food is this year’s theme for National Nutrition Month. The slogan raises the awareness of food waste in America. This timely topic has been mentioned by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian on a recent edition of The Kitchen, as well as in The Costco Connection, among others. The USDA estimates that 30-40% of the … Read more

Sober and Healthy – Interview with Nutritionist Lisa Licavoli

Nutrition and Eating Disorders Interview

Recently, we sat down with Nutritionist Lisa Licavoli to ask her opinion on how nutrition, eating disorders, and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand. She has years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Eating disorders are a real problem that persists today and no one in the nutrition space is more informed on treating and … Read more

Casa Capri is Proud to Announce the Newest Addition to Our Family, Registered Dietitian Lisa Licavoli!

Lisa Licavoi Introduction

Casa Capri has onboarded one of the best Nutritionist in the business, Lisa Licavoli! In addition, we have woven the art of a healthy eating practice throughout our entire program! Our support staff receives ongoing training by licensed clinicians with many years of experience in the field of eating disorder and substance abuse recovery. We … Read more

What Does Good Nutrition Look Like In The Recovery Process?

prepared plates of food for good nutrition for women in the recovery process

By Olivia Pennelle   I don’t like that word, nutrition. I think it signifies change and perfectionism to a lot of people in recovery. Even though we repeatedly hear about the benefits of eating well, it doesn’t necessarily make us jump up and reach for the quinoa. Yes, eating well reduces our risk of heart … Read more

Asking For Help With Food In The Recovery Process

By Olivia Pennelle   My journey toward health and wellness in recovery has not been easy, and I certainly didn’t begin walking that path with a spring in my step. It has been my experience that food addiction is a subject we often do not want to look at. We also don’t want to look … Read more

Recovery Spotlight: How I Lost 50 Pounds

By Olivia Pennelle   My second biggest challenge in recovery has been embarking upon the journey towards health and wellness. A subject we often do not want to face. As an addictive substance, food came first for me, it formed an unhealthy ‘coping’ strategy of mine. What was left after my addiction was 150 pounds … Read more

Ways To Get More Energy Naturally During Recovery

woman in recovery celebrates on balcony with arms open wide after discovering ways to get more energy naturally

by Olivia Pennelle I vividly recall my first two years of recovery as a time of immense change; mentally, physically and emotionally. In my previous post, I talked how recovery is more than changing addictive behaviors, our whole-self changes. My experience has been that, once that pink fluffy cloud of being in recovery had lifted, … Read more

6 Ways I Have Fun Living The Sober Life

girl in car living sober life after learning how to enjoy life sober

by Carly Benson Getting sober is one thing. Maintaining a sober life means we must adapt to a new lifestyle without our old ways of ‘letting loose.’ The biggest fear most people have about stepping into a life of sobriety usually sounds like this: ‘But how will I have fun?‘ ‘What if they think I‘m … Read more

The Importance Of Exercise In Recovery

woman working out shows importance of exercise in recovery

By Olivia Pennelle   When I landed in recovery, I was 150 overweight. I had drank, binged, and drugged my way to 300 pounds. Despite being in recovery, I was crippled with exhaustion, lethargy, anxiety and depression.   Once that pink fluffy cloud of being clean and sober had lifted, I was faced with the … Read more

What If I Told You That Food Could Enhance Your Addiction Recovery?

by Olivia Pennelle   More and more we are hearing the benefits of eating well: it reduces our risk of heart disease, can lower cholesterol, keep our immunity high and ward off infections, and lower our weight. It is practically common sense: eat well, feel good. Sometimes that isn’t enough of an incentive for those … Read more