How to Convince a Loved One to Enter Drug Rehab

How do you convince a loved one to get help, especially if they are in denial and refuse to commit to treatment? Since there is no hard and fast rule on exactly how to convince a resistant loved one into agreeing to treatment, there are some ways to help make the need more apparent so she may make the decision on her own.


Most women with a substance abuse problem have a hard time admitting they have a problem—denial can keep her stuck in a vicious cycle. An intervention may be a great solution. The old idea that someone must hit her bottom is not a necessary tool, since someone can always fall farther. 


A substance abuser’s denial, or secrecy about their drug and alcohol use, may deter a family member to intervene. One of the greatest dangers of drug and alcohol abuse is that you never know if the next use will result in an overdose, an accident, or death. Family members and loved ones are often the concerned individuals who can persuade her to seek help. 


It is advisable for loved ones to either have an informal but pointed and encouraging talk about rehab or to stage a formal intervention with a trained interventionist. A poorly organized intervention can do more harm than good, cause anger, and undermine the intended goals. The organizers will want to carefully plan the intervention beforehand in order to increase the likelihood of achieving the main goal. 



There are many advantages to working with an interventionist, a professional, who specializes in organizing and overseeing an intervention. 


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