celebrating small victories

How to Celebrate Small Victories

Every day you are sober is a victory. Every little step was a small one towards a bigger goal. Maybe it was one more day or maybe even one more minute. Taking it down even further, maybe it was one more breath. Every chance you get to celebrate, do it. Celebrate those small victories. They mean a lot because you have given up everything you know, every way you used to do things and what you believed in to pursue a dream of being sober and clean. Here are some tips to raise a sober toast to your victories, no matter how great or small they might seem.

Dance, Dance

Even if you don’t like to dance, throw a party anyways. Invite people over and have a video game dance-a-thon. Ask friends to show you some moves or just invite people over who gets the party started with some sober fun and crazy dancing. Try going out for a night of salsa dancing to learn some new moves. Get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping, but in a good way. Celebrate what makes you feel good with a fun outfit and feeling some good vibes after all that has happened.

Have a Friend-Over

Instead of a ‘sleepover,’ try having a ‘friend-over’ where you host an adulting friend’s sleepover party. Get them to bring air mattresses, popcorn, and pick out a movie to stream together online.  It is really important to honor your friendships and connections. Call up the sober girls you know and ask them to come over. If you don’t like hosting people in your home overnight, have a morning brunch buffet and ask them to come by on a Saturday morning. Host something online to share ideas about what you are doing and what life will look like this next week. Share some fun and conversation but also keep it to just those few people who really know you well and support your sober journey

Become a Master Chef

Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is healthier and better if you cook at home, but sometimes you can’t always cook fancy meals. Maybe you cook the same five things to keep it simple. If you have little kids, a husband, a partner, or a busy schedule, it can be hard to add more things to your proverbial plate. If you want to get fancy, look up recipes online that seem easy enough to get started. Start with some favorite music to set the tone or pull up a cooking and baking show to inspire you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out, simply be present to whatever happens and whatever comes up. 

Start Writing

Whether you do a blog or a journal, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you start writing stuff down. You are likely to forget in six months, a year, and five years down the road what you did or where you were in these moments. If you want to cast them in stone, write them down. Capture them for a captive audience online, or just keep them for yourself, but don’t forget to capture them. If you forget them, you may not be able to go back and start to think about how grateful for where you are today. It is difficult to practice gratitude without noticing or being present to your past. 

Be Grateful (and Honest)

Take an inventory of all the things you’ve done right in recovery so far. Think about the ways you have come to the place you are now and landed square in the middle of this place, here and now. It might blow your mind to think about because from where you stand now may seem a million miles away from the life you left, but it was still you. Be sure to take notice and practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and how you’ve come through. 

Let It Go

Not everything is going to feel awesome. Truth be told, you might feel you have more failures than victories under your belt. That is likely the nature of your recovery. Everyone has to reconcile with the fact they have a long road ahead. Nothing is going to be handed to them and they will have to fight for it. That is what makes it so victorious when you celebrate. Be honest with yourself about what you carry that can be laid down. It doesn’t all need to come with you into the future. If you want a healthy recovery, try to lay it down now and move on. Celebrate the good things and honor the hard times. Just let it be and move on. There is more good awaiting than bad, so jump on it and move forward. Your best days are ahead of you if you take the time to create space in your life for the people and activities waiting for you.

Every day is a new day. You are on a journey of self-discovery. If you knew yourself perfectly, you wouldn’t be where you are. Everyone messes up and everyone makes mistakes. What makes life awesome is taking time to celebrate how great you are and how you are truly making this thing work. Don’t hesitate to make yourself a priority and jump for joy in celebration at all you’ve accomplished. 

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