Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Hannah Reed

Casa Capri Recovery is only as good as it’s staff and in an effort to show how incredible they are, we interviewed a few of our all star cast of employees. This interview with Hannah Reed shows her passions and background in her own words.


We first asked Hannah what her position and day-to-day life at Casa Capri Recovery is like.


I am a Treatment Tech at Casa Capri and my day-to-day here is very busy, and I like it that way! I pick the girls up from clinical, distribute medications, take them to meetings, and not only do I get to give back what was so freely given to me, but I also get to be a part of client’s recovery and give hope to those who struggle!


Hannah talked about what she does for fun nowadays.


Family is a really big deal to me, so spending as much time with my family in California is important. Although my blood family lives in Washington, my boyfriend, step-son, and family have taken me in, so I have my own little family down here. My boyfriend and I LOVE going to concerts, so we go with a group of sober people and it has been a really big part of my recovery!


It’s always nice to hear what other sober people fill their time with as a guide to options or hobbies while on the recovery path.


Every Casa Capri Recovery team member has a past that fills us with inspiration. Their journeys that lead to our home are all different and often show how passionate the people are here.


I was always told that I would be good at working in treatment but I was never sure that it would be something that I would pursue. I love animals so I started working as a dog groomer, but soon found out that dogs hate the groomer as much as most people hate the dentist! I just couldn’t hang. I’ve spent my fair share of time in treatment, and Casa Capri has definitely had the biggest impact on me. I love the staff and everything that the program provides, so I thought giving back would be the best thing I could do! I’ve never loved a job so much in my life.

The best advice comes from those who have lived through recovery and have stayed on the straight and narrow. They are relatable and full of wisdom. Not surprisingly, Hannah is full of great advice and has been able to help hundreds of people regain the life they have been missing.


If I could give any advice to someone new in recovery, it would be to finish the 12 steps before making any decisions. That was a strict promise I made myself this last time getting sober. I had tried so many times to get clean, but nothing would stick for me. I decided that if I worked the 12 steps to the best of my ability, and still wanted to get loaded, that I would. The book says, we will be amazed before we are halfway through, and this is so true! My life has never been better!


While working at Casa Capri Recovery, our staff experiences moments of bliss and sorrow, but it’s in those irreplaceable moments of triumph that make it all worthwhile. Hannah too has experienced a lot here and is grateful for her ability to touch the lives of so many.


I would have to say my most rewarding experience working here at Casa Capri is hearing from the client’s that I am an inspiration to them. Being an alumni, I am able to show them that the program works and I’m proof!


Thanksgiving evokes an annual gratitude that we often forget throughout the year. Sitting at the table giving thanks is important to recognize what you have in life that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Hannah is very family oriented and the holidays are a special time for giving thanks to them for her.


What I look forward to most this Thanksgiving is spending time with my family. Holiday’s have never been so beautiful and although I won’t be home, my family is so proud of me and my sobriety is the best gift I could give them.I am most thankful for not worrying my momma anymore. She can rest her head at night knowing I am okay, and seeing her smile is the greatest feeling in the world.


With the continued support of the team at Casa Capri Recovery we can overcome the seemingly impossible challenges in our lives. Thank you Hannah Reed for being such an indispensable team player!


We are all on a recovery journey and could use some positivity. What are you thankful for? Join the conversation on Facebook to chime in and share your own stories of gratitude.


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