Casa Capri Employee Heartbeat | Jen Ramsden

Casa Capri Recovery is chock full of incredible people. In order to get closer to the staff you or your loved ones could be spending a great deal of time with, we’re giving the stage to our team to show their passions in recovery and discover their personalities.

Jen Ramsden is an essential player at Casa Capri Recovery, consistently brightening the days for us all. She’s an intelligent, understanding, and beautiful person that we are so grateful to be able to call a teammate.

She had a lot to say about her position and life.

‘I am employed at Casa Capri under the business development team, and I am the Referral Relations Manager. For me, my day-to-day varies, and no two days are the same! My ‘office’ goes where I go, which includes some travel and visiting other professionals and programs, where I share about the incredible work being done at Casa Capri.’

Jen believes that one of the key ingredients to a successful recovery is having fun. She said,

‘Having fun is such an integral part of my recovery! In my spare time I love going to music festivals and traveling. Some of my hobbies include spinning and spending as much time as possible with my little yorkie, Daisy.’

Besides being a hard worker and a hard player, Jen is a guru when it comes to advising others on their recovery path.

‘If someone is new in recovery, I’d advise them to stick with the winners. I had no idea what recovery was about, so I stuck by some people that seemed to have an idea. It is important to have role models to model aspirational behavior.’

Working at Casa Capri is like another world of opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences that positively reinforce sobriety. From watching others conquer their greatest fears or reclaim their lost freedom, the experience has be supremely rewarding.

‘The most rewarding experience in working for Casa Capri comes from hearing the relief and excitement in a family member’s voice when they know their daughter is somewhere safe and receiving care. Loving an addict isn’t easy!’

With 2017 coming to a close, Jen reminisced on her year of success saying,

‘In reflecting over 2017, my biggest achievement is that I’ve remained in recovery. My life and meaningful relationships continue to improve as I string along more time sober.’

With each year comes another and something to look forward to and Jen isn’t going to hold back in 2018. She has big plans.

‘In 2018 I hope that I can complete, or come close to completing, my undergraduate bachelor’s degree.’

Setting goals is huge in the recovery process. Jen understands the importance of keeping her eye on the ball to make strides to a better future. She has a great understanding of where success is located and she’s not afraid of sharing that information.

‘For anyone that is struggling to accomplish their goals, I suggest getting out of your own way! Quit thinking and start doing! I am working on taking my own advice when it comes to accomplishing goals.’

Casa Capri continues its mission to serve and with the help of a great cast that includes Jen Ramsden, it’s going to come with ease. Our community is very supportive and always ready to lend a hand. Watch out for more interviews with our great line up at Casa Capri on our Facebook!’


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