Liquor Addiction

A Hope Away From Home for Women Struggling with Liquor Addiction 

Liquor is a big part of social events, celebrations, and parties. It’s available nearly everywhere people gather, so it’s no wonder it’s called the social lubricant. For most people drinking is a way to relax, let loose and celebrate. But for some women liquor is addictive. As alcohol abuse disorder progresses, their lives spiral out of control, consequences pile up and what was once a pleasurable activity becomes a serious problem. If you or a loved one is addicted to liquor, if you drink more than you plan or when you start you find you cannot stop, there is hope and healing at Casa Capri Recovery.

 Casa Capri Recovery’s  addiction treatment program for women, located in coastal southern California, can help you stop drinking for good and build a happy, healthy, sober life. Our empowering structure and support, deeply bonded sisterhood of women and expert therapeutic programming are the tools you’ll need to find life-long recovery. Give us a call, our process admissions team is always available to answer your questions and guide you on your journey to a whole, new, amazing life; 855-816-8826.

Find a Fresh Start as You Begin Your Healing Journey

Because withdrawing from alcohol can be intense and sometimes fatal, you’ll begin your journey at our medically supervised alcohol detox. Under a doctor’s care, you’ll comfortably and safely be purified of all addictive substances. Once you’re feeling clean and clear, you’ll begin your journey of deep healing at our home-like inpatient facility.

Addiction is a complex issue for most women, often masking emotional wounds, eating disorders, traumatic past experiences, co-existing mental conditions and addiction types. At Casa Capri, we believe in healing all parts of you, with compassion and nurturing support. Our tailor-made programs are designed specifically for your unique situation and deliver the tools you’ll need to replace old, negative patterns with positive, healthy, new habits, beliefs, and behaviors. Our passionate, all-female staff will be there for you—with love and support—every single step of the way. Don’t wait another day; begin your transformational journey today by picking up the phone and calling us at 855-816-8826.