OTC Drugs Addiction

In most instances, over-the-counter drugs are safe, especially when patients read and follow the prospectus carefully. But when people take too much of them by mistake or for recreational use, OTC drugs can become addictive and dangerous.

Teenagers, especially, abuse them or mix them with alcohol to get high on a budget and without the legal repercussions. However, this habit can endanger their lives. Young people that get OTC medication for recreational purposes are at a higher risk than adults as their bodies are still developing.

What OTC Drugs Are Abused?

Some of the OTC drugs that patients tend to abuse include diet pills that contain amphetamines, motion sickness medicines like Dramamine, sleeping aids, cough syrup or tablets that contain DXM.

Can You Overdose on Any OTC Drugs?

It is possible to overdose on OTC drugs, but it requires a considerable amount. Accidental overdose of acetaminophen medication is more common than other OTC drugs as it can lead to liver damage and, possibly, death.

Although it may sound rather odd, some herbal supplements can interact badly with OTC medication and lead to serotonin syndrome, especially when mixed with DXM. Painkillers and alcohol are also a dangerous combination that intensifies the risk of respiratory arrest and coma.

Other OTC overdose symptoms include increased heartbeat, dizziness, increased sleepiness or drowsiness.

Are There OTC Drugs That Will Cause Withdrawals?

People that abuse OTC stimulants like pseudoephedrine are likely to feel a lack of energy when they stop using them. DXM abuse will cause emotional and cognitive withdrawal symptoms like depression, short memory loss, and cognitive function impairment. That’s also the case with codeine.

Does an OTC Drug Abuse Require Professional Help?OTC Addiction Therapy

The problem with patients abusing OTC drugs is that, because they perceive them as harmless, they will continue to use them even if they’re severely impacting their productivity and health. Not being able to cope with everyday tasks without the intake of a particular OTC drug is a clear sign that you’re addicted to it and need to find help immediately.

It’s possible that you will not be able to face your addiction or that you’re taking it lightly. You can’t realize the real dangers you’re exposing yourself to without professional help. OTC drug addiction needs a period of detox and medical support during the withdrawal period. Counselling also helps in preventing relapse.

As a rule of thumb, drug abuse and addiction problems require professional medical help, and OTC medications are not to be excluded.

Don’t assume that if you bought the drugs from a pharmacy, then they are risk-free. If you notice any unusual behavior or the urge to take the drug even when you don’t need it, then don’t hesitate to seek help.

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