Yoga Therapy

With approximately 23.5 million people in the United States battling either a drug or alcohol addiction, experts are looking for new ways that could help patients overcome the struggle of rehabilitation. As such, various alternative approaches have emerged in recent years as a complementary tool to standard drug rehab treatments. One of them is yoga therapy, an alternative technique that focuses on a more holistic attitude that connects the mind and body.

How Can Yoga Therapy Help Treat Drug Addiction?

Yoga therapy is becoming increasingly popular in substance abuse programs due to its efficiency in preventing relapse and reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Some of its benefits include increased physical strength, pain relief, stress relief, increased energy levels, self-awareness, and increased self-confidence.

How Is Yoga Different From Stretching?Yoga Therapy for Rehabilitation

Both yoga therapy and stretching stress the importance of practicing different body positions to lengthen and strengthen muscles. That’s why for some people it is difficult to understand the difference between the two. However, yoga is more than just doing a few stretching exercises.

In addition to the purely physical part of it, yoga also puts a strong accent on breathing, which has an important role in relaxing, as well as in the meditation process. Moreover, knowing how to breathe properly will help you stretch your muscles better and get into a deeper position. Focusing on breathing will help you become more conscious of your body and its limits. Yoga will also help with balance strength, and alignment so that you can continuously make progress with your poses.

What Are Some Common Yoga Poses?

“The Gheranda Samhita,” a late 17th century Sanskrit text of Yoga, speaks about hundreds of thousands of poses, but only included detailed instructions for 32 of them. There are a few different families of asanas (poses), such as balancing, standing, seated, lying on your back and lying on your stomach. Some of the most common yoga poses are downward facing dog, mountain pose, cat-cow stretch, warrior I and II, and child’s pose.

What Is the Overall Goal of Yoga Therapy?

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word derived from the root “yuj,” which means “to unite.” Semantics gives us a better understanding of yoga therapies purpose, which is to unite ourselves with what is beyond our limits – our highest nature. As human beings, we are defined by our limitations and are separated from a truly complete experience of life. Yoga is a practice that aims to help us find our inner peace and wisdom that will ultimately make us more aware of our true nature.

One of yoga therapies greatest advantages is that it can be practiced almost anywhere and at any time and that it doesn’t require special equipment. Its benefits have been proven over and over again, so why not give it a try, in the effort of regaining control over your mind and body.

A Practice to Heal Your Soul

It’s been said that yoga is not a workout; it’s a work-in. At Casa Capri’s women’s only holistic substance abuse treatment program, our focus is to discover and heal what’s underneath your addictive patterns. Our innovative addiction treatment program combines both the newest treatments, like brain mapping and blood chemistry analysis, as well as ancient techniques, like yoga and Tai Chi, with traditional treatment methods like family therapy and 12-step programs. We deliver the therapeutic tools and rich, diverse, well-rounded experience that will support your journey to wholehearted healing and joyful, life-long recovery.

Yoga has been used for centuries as a method of self-inquiry that is both healing and transformative. The yoga program at Casa Capri’s accredited drug and alcohol rehab centers fosters deep healing and growth in body, mind, spirit, and soul. Using a series of postures and breathing exercises, students are able to interrupt unconscious mental patterns and replace them with positive conscious thoughts and intentions as well as cultivate an attitude of gratitude from which they can begin to live life from a place of abundance. Now it’s your turn. Your transformation begins with a phone call to our caring and helpful team at 855-816-8826.

Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

Addiction is a destructive disease. At Casa Capri, our personalized addiction treatment programs are designed to give you the tools you’ll need to rebuild. It’s time let go of the past and what no longer serves you, so you can embrace new strategies and coping skills that will allow you to create the future you deserve. It’s time for a fresh start.

Our loving and knowledgeable all-female staff is dedicated to helping you find a life of joy, purpose and lasting sobriety. You don’t have to struggle anymore. Please give us a call at 855-816-8826; we’re here 24 hours a day with open arms and open hearts.


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