Philosophy in Addiction Treatment at Casa Capri Recovery


A Uniquely Successful Approach to Recovery Personalized Care for Young Women 

At Casa Capri, we’ve created a uniquely designed inpatient treatment program just for women ages 18-45. Our mission is founded in wholehearted healing with a personalized approach that restores health, happiness and purposeful living to young women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We are experts on how addiction affects women and we recognize that each woman who walks through our door has her own unique story, needs, values and goals. So we customize our addiction treatment programs to meet your needs and support your recovery journey.

Our all-female staff and nurturing environment create a safe and empowering space that cultivates deep healing, not only of addictive behaviors but also trauma, eating disorders, multiple addiction types and commonly co-occurring mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Whatever you or a loved one is up against, Casa Capri has the experience and tools to help you find a whole new, joyful way of life. Give us a call today at 855-816-8826. We are here for you with open arms.

A Variety of Treatment Methods that Foster Deep Healing and Growth

Casa Capri’s holistic substance abuse program cultivates healing in body, mind, and soul. Our warm, welcoming alcohol and drug rehab centers feel like home and our clients and staff become a family. In this safe space, we blend a variety of innovative addiction treatment methods with more traditional methods to deliver the exact tools you’ll need to recover for good.

With over 28 distinctive treatment modalities to choose from, such as individual and group therapy, brain mapping, acupuncture, equine therapy, sound healing and yoga, our programs deliver the very best in addiction treatment available anywhere. If there is something you need to heal, we will bring it to you. We are committed to and passionate about your recovery and life.

An Engaging Continuum of Care that Ensures Lasting Sobriety

At Casa Capri, we aim for your long-term success, so our continuum of care is carefully designed to support you as you progress along your healing path. Our step-down approach offers supportive structure when you need it most and empowers you to learn personal responsibility and accountability. As you grow in the program and gain confidence and self-esteem, you’ll have the opportunity to experience more and more freedom within our supportive sisterhood.

Our curriculum is expertly designed to help young women replace damaging and destructive beliefs, patterns and behaviors with new, healthy positive ones—creating a wholehearted shift upon which a beautiful sober life can be built. Our community of sober women—including staff, clients, and alumni—is truly a one-of-a-kind support system where we recover joyfully together. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, Casa Capri Recovery is a beacon of hope. We’ll help you find freedom from addiction and a life you’ve only dreamed of. Please, call us anytime, day or night, at 855-816-8826.