Meditation Therapy

Managing Your Moods and Your Mind with Mindfulness Meditation

We strive to bring you the most useful tools and effective therapies at Casa Capri’s drug and alcohol rehab centers. This holistic approach to substance abuse includes therapies both old and new, mixing innovative addiction treatment methods with the more traditional methods of treating addiction to deliver a unique set of tools to help each unique young woman find healing, happiness, and full recovery.

Meditation has long been known to be one of the most valuable tools for changing the mind and hearts of humans. The simple (but not easy) practice of quieting the mind and observing one’s self has been a tool of transformation used for centuries. Today, science can see why. Meditation actually changed the structure of the brain, disrupting patterns and creating new neural pathways. For young women struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, these shifts are exactly the changes that need to occur to create lasting change, reestablish positive emotions and find peace of mind for a joyful, sober life. To begin your peaceful journey to wholehearted healing, call us now at 855-816-8826.

Rewiring Your Brain for Self-Compassion, Optimism and Wellbeing 

In addition to our meditation program, Casa Capri Recovery offers a variety of other complementary mindfulness therapies including yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and massage. There are many ways to meditate and we encourage you to try an assortment of new activities as a part of your personalized addiction treatment program. The benefits of a meditation practice in women healing from addiction are profound—including decreasing impulsivity, fear, anxiety and depression as well as increasing feelings of self-compassion, optimism, and well-being.

Recovery from drugs and alcohol opens up the door to a world of possibilities and mindfulness meditation is one key to this door. At Casa Capri we’ll help you unlock your true potential. To begin, just pick up the phone and call at 855-816-8826.