Marriage And Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t affect just the user. It’s like a disease that spreads to everyone around the patient, making them feel powerless as they see that person destroying their life. Because addiction can have a major impact on family members, it is vital that the recovery process addresses the social component as well. Sure, detoxifying the body and ensuring that the patient can function normally without the substance is paramount. However, people don’t exist in a vacuum, and a successful recovery plan must strive to heal both the body and the heart. Marriage and family therapy can not only ensure an efficient reintegration but also minimize the risks of relapse.

What Happens at Marriage and Family Therapy?

The primary purpose of marriage counseling is to unlock and ease communication between family members by teaching them new techniques of listening and transmitting information. It also allows couples to identify underlying issues that block and alter their relationship. Both partners get the chance to express how they feel in the presence of an objective third party that is there to help them resolve their problems.

What Are the Rules of Marriage and Family Therapy?

When attending marriage and family therapy, respect is one of the most important rules to follow. Another crucial aspect is to allow everyone time to speak their mind – and listen to what they have to say. Everyone is equal in family therapy, and the goal is to find ways to cope, not just ways to compromise.

Who Should Attend Marriage and Family Therapy?

The short answer is everyone who is trying to recover from addiction! Family therapy is beneficial for both the patient and the family – it helps them understand the causes of addiction and how to behave around it. Family members can become frustrated at the patient’s inability to quit the drug, but therapy can make them see how complex addiction is.

Family therapy can also help patients mend their relationship with family members and learn how to discuss the problem openly.

How Can I Use What I Learn at Therapy in Everyday Life?Marriage and family therapy for recovering addicts

The issues discussed and the tools that the patients learn in therapy are meant to be applicable in real life as well. The way they learn to communicate with family members should continue even outside of therapy. Patients can also transfer all the techniques that they have learned when communicating with others, thus improving existing relationships and building better and new ones. Active listening, empathy, verbalizing thoughts and feelings are all aspects that family therapy addresses and they are a big part of everyday life.

It is encouraged to attend family therapy during your recovery as it’s an excellent way to build a support system that will be available even after treatment. It also helps family members understand addiction and become a vital element in preventing any possible relapses.

Healing for the Whole Family 

Addiction destroys more than just the life of the addict or alcoholic. When a young woman becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, her family and relationships suffer as well. At Casa Capri, we understand the importance of healing the whole family as part of a successful and comprehensive holistic substance abuse program. Our marriage and family therapy focus on cultivating effective communication skills, creating healthy boundaries and overcoming codependency issues so you can heal the past and support one another on this recovery journey.

It’s a fresh start for all involved in the life of someone struggling with substance abuse disorder. The family program at Casa Capri blends innovative treatment modalities with traditional addiction treatment methods to cultivate deep healing and transformation for all. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we are here to help. Please give us a call at 855-816-8826 to begin this path to wholehearted healing for the whole family.

Delivering an Experience as Unique as You

At Casa Capri’s accredited drug and alcohol rehab centers, we understand that your situation, experience, and family are uniquely yours. Our expert and caring staff take into account all your unique details and family issues to craft an addiction treatment program designed just for you and your family. We’ve helped hundreds of families restore communication lines, heal from addiction and establish a new healthy, happy dynamic.

Now it’s your family’s turn to heal. Give us a call today at 855-816-8826. Our intake team is here 24/7 to answer your questions and get you and your whole family started on the path to recovery.


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