Group Therapy

Group therapy for women is an effective form of counseling, used especially in inpatient settings. It allows patients to share their struggles and experiences with people experiencing the same issues. This type of therapy offers many benefits and has become a staple in drug rehabilitation programs. Group therapy can be especially useful to women who need a safe environment to be able to open up and explore their emotions.

What Is the Goal of Group Therapy For Women?

Group therapy for women helps patients battling an addiction to deal with the emotions and feelings stemming from the disorder. It is also a very effective way of targeting other mental health co-occurring conditions patients may have in addition to their addiction.

Patients learn to interact with other struggling individuals and realize that they’re not alone. They become more open to sharing their experiences and feelings, which helps boost their confidence and self-esteem and reduces stress and feelings of guilt. A group therapy session thus becomes a safe setting for patients, where they’re able to cope with negative emotions and learn how to control them and avoid engaging in further destructive behaviors.

Who Attends Group Therapy For Women?

Any patient undergoing drug abuse treatment can attend group therapy. In fact, doctors often pair it with the traditional treatment as a very effective form of counseling.

Who Leads a Group Therapy Session?

A therapist usually holds group therapy sessions. For them to do so, they must hold a master’s or doctoral degree in counseling or psychology from a certified institution of higher education and a license that allows them to perform. Patients should ask the therapist about their experience with group therapy and how long they have been leading these types of sessions.

How Long Do Group Therapy Programs Last for?Group Therapy for Women in Rehabilitation

The type and the length of a group therapy program depend on the patient’s motivation to participate, as they are the only one responsible for attending the sessions.

Typically, patients will be advised to attend a particular number of minimum sessions over the course of three months. The duration depends on the treatment plan and the facility where it takes place. In some rehab centers, the medical staff can recommend even a full year of sessions.

For patients who are dealing with a more severe substance abuse disorder and who are undergoing an inpatient treatment program, there are also group therapy for women programs that last between four and six weeks with daily sessions.

What Amount of Participation Is Requested?

Several factors condition a patient’s participation. First, it is important to assess the stage of recovery the patient is currently in. The time it takes for them to progress from one stage to the other is another critical factor, as some patients may need a longer amount of time than others. The moment a patient can get to the next stage of their recovery, they can be encouraged to join other particular groups that suit their needs.

Group therapy for women can help patients understand how strong they are by participating in a setting where they are free to express their feelings and experiences with other struggling individuals. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, take the first step and reach out for help!

Healing Together; Recovery is a Group Effort

Addiction is a lonely place. Casa Capri Recovery’s rehab group therapy is designed to remove the isolation associated with substance abuse and give young women the tools to cultivate meaningful relationships, find community support and keep each other accountable as we walk the road of recovery together.

Creating connections and learning from one another is the foundation of 12-step therapy and lasting sobriety. Our accredited alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers are truly a sisterhood where young women learn to foster the deep bonds and life-long friendships that will support their recovery for years to come. You don’t have to do this alone. The first step is to pick up the phone and call us at 855-816-8826. We look forward to connecting with you.

It’s a WE Program 

It’s not just the clients at Casa Capri’s substance abuse treatment center that become life-long friends; it’s our passionate and loving, all-female staff too. Our team is committed to you and your recovery because most of us are in recovery too. We truly get it, and we’ll help create a tailor-made addiction treatment program to support your unique situation.

With over 28 distinctive addiction treatment modalities to choose from, we’ve got just the program for you. Join us as we heal together and empower each other to live our best lives—sober, happy and one day at a time. We are here round the clock to take your call and support your next chapter. Don’t wait, call now 855-816-8826.


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