Career & Academic Program

Dream Big, the Sky is The Limit 

Getting sober is just the beginning. At Casa Capri our clients do so much more than just survive after rehab, they thrive and flourish. In sobriety, we encourage you to find your passions, discover your purpose and follow your dreams. Often, this leads young women down new paths, towards a new career or back to school. Our programming for life skills post-rehab will help guide you as you work towards your goals.

What makes Casa Capri such a superior addiction treatment program is our commitment to supporting each and every young woman’s transformation into the very best version of herself. We’ll give you the support and tools to achieve your goals and live a meaningful, fulfilling life. We encourage you to dream big because in recovery the sky is truly the limit. Check out these young women’s amazing transformations on our testimonial page and then give us call at 855-816-8826. We’d love to help you reach your dreams too.

Create the Life You Love 

Whether your dream is to go back to school and finish your degree or start fresh on a whole new career path, our post-rehab academic assistance counseling will help guide you through the entire process from application and enrollment to graduation. Beginning a new career can feel daunting and you don’t have to go through it alone. With Casa Capri’s career program post-rehab, you’ll find the support needed to achieve your goals and create a life you absolutely love.

Our graduates have gone on to do great things and many continue to stay connected and keep in touch through our alumni program. We are an extraordinary community of women—including staff, peers, and graduates—and we support each other, love each other and empower each other as we walk the road of recovery together. It’s time to live the life you were truly meant to live. Please call us anytime 24 hours a day at 855-816-8826 to get started on this new, wonderful chapter.