Adventure Program for Women: Treatment for Addiction

While it’s vital to treat the chemical dependency the body developed for the drug, rehab centers must also help patients re-integrate into society and live normal lives again. The purpose of the adventure program for women is to show them that they can still have fun and keep their anxiety in check without consuming anything that is harmful to them and those who love them.

One of the things that make recovering from substance abuse disorder so difficult and complex is the fear of changing social habits. Individuals often use drugs and alcohol in social situations as a means to lower inhibitions, reduce their anxiety, and keep their emotions under control.

You can still enjoy life even when you’re sober.

What Is the Goal of an Adventure Program For Women?Adventure program for Women in drug rehab

The goal of the adventure program for women is to show patients how great it can feel to be active while sober and healthy. Regardless of the addiction type, the patient is battling, the program aims to show them that there are countless ways to replace damaging habits with activities that will make individuals feel energized and full of life.

Patients will learn how to enjoy themselves again without worrying that they will hurt themselves. This new lifestyle will also give them healthy coping mechanisms for when they feel like they might relapse. Everything patients achieve in an adventure therapy program can be transferred to the outside world.

What Are Popular Activities?

The adventure program is built on the idea that being active and enjoying oneself will help patients stay sober. That’s because engaging in different activities reduces stress and keeps your endorphins level up.

Patients in the adventure program for women can take part in activities such as hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, camping, music festivals, shopping, amusement parks, and everything that is pleasurable. The idea is to discover or rediscover leisure activities that can keep patients busy and boost their mood.

How Can Alternative Therapies Help Treat Substance Use disorder?

When drug users are experiencing symptoms of addiction, they must find a treatment that is suited to their needs and personality. Traditional therapies can’t keep everyone engaged, so specialists have developed alternative options to help patients cope with their addiction.

The advantage of using an alternative therapy that is dynamic and fun is that patients can continue the program even after they’ve finished the treatment. They can continue meditating, doing yoga or hiking on their own or with a group of friends. Unlike other types of therapies that can only take place in a controlled environment, adventure programs such as experiential therapy don’t have to end once the patient was released from the rehab center.

Returning to society after a rehabilitation program can be a terrifying journey for patients. Learning that they can still have an active social life is a crucial step in preventing relapses.

We Believe Having Fun in Recovery is Essential 

A sober life should never be a boring life. At Casa Capri, our adventure therapy program is designed to bring you exciting and fun experiences so you can see firsthand how amazing life can be without drugs or alcohol. Our customizable addiction treatment programs deliver the tools you’ll need not only to stay sober but also to truly enjoy the sober life.

Fun, excitement and joy; we believe these are essential elements to successful and lasting recovery. Try one or try them all, our offerings include:

  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sailing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Biking
  • Soccer
  • Camping
  • Music
  • Festivals
  • Theater
  • Dancing
  • Day trips to locations all over SoCal
  • Shopping
  • Bowling
  • Amusement parks
  • Catalina island

Want to learn more about our exciting addiction treatment therapies? Give us a call. Our intake team is available 24 hours a day and we’d love to hear from you; 855-816-8826.

Life is Good in Southern California 

Casa Capri is located just blocks from the beach in sunny southern California, the perfect place to begin your happy, healthy new life. With miles of beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts and a nearly perfect climate, all of SoCal becomes your very own outdoor rehab center. As part of our wellness program, we encourage all of our clients to get moving and discover activities they enjoy, whether it be out in nature, at a yoga class or in some of the finest sports and fitness centers in the world.

It’s all part of Casa Capri’s well-rounded continuum of care designed to give you a life you are excited about living. We have fun and you will too. Don’t wait another day to start this epic journey. Pick up the phone and call us now at 855-816-8826.


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