Melissa Holmes Goodmon, Founder & CEO

Melissa believes every woman deserves a safe and sober community to heal and is the key ingredient to lasting recovery. This period of transformation, when a woman begins to rebuild their lives following an addiction, is often a difficult and overwhelming experience. Sorting through a multitude of stressful situations including family, financial, employment, academic, health or legal issues can prove to be a heavy burden for the woman who is still learning new methods to cope with stress. Melissa works to ensure that the clients at Casa Capri do not have to carry that burden alone. She has created the space, resources and guidance they need to make it through this crucial period and plant their feet firmly on the road to recovery in a loving community.

Melissa personally understands the wreckage that addiction causes. She is an example that it is possible to build a happy and productive life.

Melissa obtained her BA in Psychology and is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, LAADC. Prior to Casa Capri, she has experience as Case Manager, Director, National Business Development Representative and Admissions Counselor.

Founded In 2011 Capri Recovery has become nationally recognized as leaders in women’s addiction treatment.

Melissa believes that recovery is more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol, it’s a lifestyle. Melissa has created a beautiful team of leading experts in the field of addiction a clinical team  that specialize in trauma, DBT, art therapy, relapse prevention, mindfulness, nutrition, to name a few, with credentials ranging from IMFT, LMFT, PsyD, D.O., CAADC and LAADC. At Casa Capri, Melissa and the incredible team have built a recovering community helping our clients discover their passion and begin building a healthy and manageable life around it.