Kristin Brassfield, COO Chief Operating Officer

Kristin serves as Chief Operating Officer for Casa Capri Recovery. Kristin works in direct collaboration with the CEO in order to ensure that the company vision, standards, ethics, budgets, and operational systems and procedures are effectively created, implemented and upheld.

Years of working in Behavioral Healthcare, combined with previous personal and professional experience have provided Kristin with a unique perspective and broad skill set. Kristin is a strategic, creative thinker with the ability to view the company from a “big picture” lens.

As a woman in long term recovery, Kristin understands and is empathetic towards the struggles of the population we serve. She is passionate about the work we do to heal internal wounds and believes recovery is possible for every woman who walks through our doors

Aside from her recovery, Kristin is most proud of her beautiful daughter Paige, who attends college in Northern California.