The History and Mission of Casa Capri Recovery


A Safe, Supportive and Healing Space for Women By Women 

At Casa Capri Recovery we are passionate about women and sobriety. That’s because Casa Capri was founded and continues to be staffed by women in recovery. Most of our dedicated team of doctors, therapists and counselors have overcome addiction themselves, transformed their lives and are committed to helping other young women do the same.

We’ve found that a life free from drugs and alcohol is better than anything we could have imagined and we’re passionate about sharing this life with you. We’ll not only show you how we did it, we’ll give you the unique toolkit you’ll need to transform your life and heart. At Casa Capri, we’ll walk with you every step of the way—with love, compassion and respect—as you make your way on your personal path to recovery.

Create a Life You Are Excited About Living

Recovery is learning how to live a meaningful life, according to Melissa Holmes Goodmon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Casa Capri Recovery. Our mission is to help women overcome addiction by providing community, connection and purpose. We have created a space allowing each woman that walks through our doors to see they can have a life for themselves that is far more rich, exciting and enjoyable than it ever could be using.

The Casa Capri story began in 2006 when Melissa finally surrendered to her own battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Her journey ultimately led her to Southern California where she was able to learn to stand on her own two feet and build a life for herself in recovery. Her newfound freedom allowed her to go back to school while working fulltime, she was able to maintain friendships and explore all the wonderful activities Southern California has to offer. Life really did take on a whole new meaning and a whole new happiness.

Melissa began working in the field of recovery as a Licensed Addiction Counselor in 2008 and before that as supportive staff, truly working her way through the ranks. Her passion for helping women and serving others is unparalleled. Along with expanding one of the areas largest and then most successful Academic Programs. She became an expert in the field of addiction treatment and became National Marketing Representative and Admissions Counselor.

A Treatment Model that Really Works 

In 2011, it was no surprise Melissa was ready to launch a recovery program specifically for women.

Casa Capri’s women’s only program was founded on the philosophy that a life of recovery must be full of passion, excitement, and purpose. Before long, it was apparent that Casa Capri was something exceptional. Women were getting sober, they were staying sober, graduating college, building careers, starting families, traveling, exploring, living life well and they were happy.

Delivering the very best therapeutic tools, life-skills programming, exciting activities and a supportive community environment, has created a “Sisterhood” in which both clients and staff have flourished.

Our personalized addiction treatment programs, are safe, nurturing and structured, offering women the very best chance at long-term recovery.

Due to our success with women seeking health, wellness and freedom Casa Capri has quickly risen to become a nationally recognized name and leader in women’s addiction treatment.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, we welcome you with open arms. We are experts on the complexities and sensitivities of women struggling with addiction and other co-occurring metal health conditions. Hope and healing are just a phone call away; call us now at 855-816-8826.