Signs, Symptoms and Complications of Alcohol Addiction

Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol abuse is the #1 addiction in the United States. Because alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, many who become addicted to alcohol do not realize they are dependent. Alcohol addiction ruins not only the lives of those who’ve become addicted but also their families, children and even affects entire communities. The serious consequences of alcohol addiction can be far-reaching.

At Casa Capri’s women’s only alcohol rehab, we can help you or your loved one quit drinking for good and build a happy, meaningful sober life. Our uniquely designed addiction treatment programs are customized to treat not only alcohol addiction but also underlying and co-occurring issues. It’s about healing in body, mind, and soul.

Some early signs of alcohol addiction may include:

  • Lying about or hiding the drinking
  • Drinking to relax or feel better
  • Being unable to stop
  • Drinking in dangerous or risky situations
  • Neglected responsibilities
  • Constant use of antacids or acid-reducers.
  • Trouble in relationships
  • Increased tolerance; being able to drink more than previously
  • Withdrawals; shaking, sweating, anxiety
  • Unsuccessful attempts to quit or cut down
  • Blackouts; inability to remember events that occurred while drinking
  • Legal issues like DUIs

If you or a loved one has shown an inability to control your drinking, please give us a call at 855-816-8826. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and support you as you begin this healing journey.

Complications and Side Effects of Alcohol Addiction 

Women who become addicted to alcohol often don’t see they have a problem, even when it’s obvious to friends and family. The fact that drinking is legal and encouraged at nearly every social occasion further complicates matters for those with alcohol abuse disorder.

Prolonged use of alcohol has detrimental effects on the body. Withdrawals can be fatal and diseases such as esophageal and stomach cancer, liver disease and acute pancreatitis are also deadly. Drinking and driving is another serious issue that affects both people addicted to alcohol and other drivers on the road. Anyway, you cut it, alcohol addiction kills.

Stopping alcohol abruptly causes intense withdrawal symptoms. These include tremor, nausea, anxiety, headaches, seizures and insomnia. Since alcohol withdrawal can be lethal, a medically supervised detox is essential. At Casa Capri’s alcohol detox you or your loved one will be under a doctor’s care 24/7 and unlike a cold and impersonal hospital detox, you’ll be kept safe and comfortable in our homey, nurturing space while you detoxify your body. There’s no better time than now to call us and begin the journey back to health, back to happiness and back to life. Our intake team is always available to take your call so don’t wait; 855-816-8826.