Treatment for Vicodin® Addiction at Casa Capri

A Firm Foundation for Joyful, Life-Long Recovery

Whether this is your first attempt at sobriety or if you’ve tried many times before, the Vicodin addiction rehab at Casa Capri offers a truly personalized program, designed to give you the exact tools and skills you’ll need for successful, joyful long-term sobriety. Our customizable addiction treatment programs for women ages 18-45, combines cognitive, behavioral, experiential and holistic therapies that will treat and heal all layers of you—giving you the firm foundation you’ll need to achieve your goals and experience long-lasting recovery.

If you or someone you love is addicted to Vicodin®, please call us anytime—24/7—at 1-844-252-5221. You needn’t wait another day to begin your path to living a life you truly love.

The Expert Tools and Love You Need To Heal Completely

The first step in your journey is an assessment with our caring, compassionate process admissions team who will answer your questions and determine whether you’ll require a stay at our Vicodin detox. If you do require detox, you’ll be under a doctor’s care as you safely and comfortably transition off of addictive substances. Once your feeling clean and clear, you’ll enter our dually accredited inpatient prescription rehab program, a nurturing, family-like community that is founded on healing, personal responsibility, and love.

Most women find that underneath their addiction are emotional wounds, trauma and co-existing conditions—such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders—that deserve attention and healing. At Casa Capri, we give you the innovative therapies, expert resources, and structured support to empower you to heal all parts of you, body, mind and soul. It is our belief and experience that there is no wound so deep or situation so dire it can’t be fixed with the right tools and lots of love. We have both. It’s time to start living the happy life you were meant to live. Please pick up the phone and call us today at 1-844-252-5221.